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Unique Festive Season Decor Tips And Tricks

With the holiday season approaching, and after a daunting year, we could all do with a good one. What we don’t need is the stress and strain of preparing for the holidays. Why not then instead approach it as a fun DIY project?

There are some things that are easier to custom order, like Eco-Friendly Holiday Cards, but for the most part, you can make the experience a fun project for the whole family. In the spirit of family fun, we have put together some of the top tips and tricks for you to try out this year!

DIY Christmas Tree Decorations

This one is a great way to get everyone, including younger kids involved. It’s no fun making custom decorations if everyone feels like they are working a production line, so rather have every member of the family make one unique decoration.

For Supplementary Tree Decorations

To fill out the decorations to complete the tree, use the leftover items from the decoration project and let your creativity run wild. While tradition demands sparkling baubles, this year is the occasion for the exception. Break from tradition and make it about joy and celebration.

Custom Wrapping Paper

Custom wrapping paper is a great way to add a personal touch. You can select just about any pattern, or even make your own, and have it printed on large rolls at your local printers. The first thing you may be worried about is the sizing, but that should not be a problem. Any print shop will be able to scale and duplicate the pattern to your tastes.

DIY Wreaths

One idea is to use styrofoam balls to create a custom ‘snowball’ wreath, but you can use just about anything you like. A favourite idea is to take plain baubles and paint and decorate them with different colours and textures. You can also get the whole family involved and have the kids help out to make them extra special!

Custom Garlands

The garland is a staple of the festive season. There are innumerable options for creating variations. You could use a combination of materials such as paper, tinsel and even leaves and branches from your garden. Just make sure you use a sturdy string, or better yet, rope to keep it all together.

A Special Item From Each Member Of The Family

Similarly to the idea of having every family member create a unique Christmas tree decoration, each family member could make a unique, ornamental decoration. Be it a mini paper mache reindeer or a styrofoam Santa; these little additions will bring a personal warmth to your holiday decor.

A Thematic Christmas

This idea is a bit broader in scope and requires adapting your DIY ideas to match. Why not have a culturally thematic Christmas? This is an exciting way to introduce your family to a new culture and the different ways people around the world celebrate the holidays. It is also a fantastic way to both celebrate and introduce your family to your heritage.

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