An Ultimate Guide to a Perfect Summer Plunge

Ask anyone during a sweltering summer day where they’d like to be, and most likely they’d want to be in the cooling and soothing waters of a sea, lake, or pool. Nothing takes the heat off of you like a swim or dip in the refreshing water.

The best and most fun summer activities are done in water. The cool thing is that you can make these activities as competitive as you want or as relaxing as you want. And if you happen not to have any friends around or available to join you, you can enjoy water activities all by yourself. Here’s some cool stuff you can do for a wet summer!

Scuba diving

For sure, scuba diving is the king of all underwater activities. If over 70% of the world is water, scuba diving is a favorite sport to explore some of that 70%. There’s a lot to discover underwater; coral reefs, marine life and maybe even a sunken treasure!


If going too deep isn’t your thing, then snorkeling can definitely suit you. You can have the opportunity to see a whole new world made of reefs and colorful fish.

Banana ride

Get all your friends and family on board for a wild and fun banana ride. With shrieks of laughter, and getting splashed from head to toe, be prepared for the ride of a lifetime!

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Jet ski

If speed is what you’re looking for, then go for a jet ski ride. You can race with a friend at challenging speeds on the water. Jet skiing is always fun, exciting and absolutely rejuvenating.

Pool laps

Not all water activities need to be done out at sea. Pool activities are just as popular. Let’s face it, not everyone lives near enough to a body of water. For example, Australia is one large continent with long drives and for many it’s not worth the drive to the beach if there’s only a short time to spend there. That’s why people with backyards can install Harvest fiberglass pools, even if it’s a small backyard. That way, you and your family can take laps in the pool, compete with each other or enjoy a relaxing summer day all by yourself.

Pool games

We all remember diving in the water to be the first to find and grab a coin. Coin dive is a great game for kids and adults that is played better in a pool than in outdoor water. But you can bring in a little bit of the beach with a beach ball race. Super simple, it’s just a race from one side of the pool to another, but with beach balls. Another game, you can never do on land without the risk of injury is having the classic chicken fight, where younger and lighter children hop on the shoulders of an adult or older sibling and each kid on top tries to knock the other down first.

Besides games and sports where you’re actually in the water, don’t forget water sports that are done in the air, like parasailing or kitesurfing, not to mention other sports such as sailing, rowing, and surfing. The world of water activities just has choices of every kind.

Hot weather, breaking temperatures is expected during the summer of 2019, and it’s already started. The best place you can be to help prevent heat stroke is smack in the middle of the water. If you don’t get some water fun during summer, then when will you get it? Whether it’s relaxation, competition, or adventure, there’s always a little something for everyone in summer water fun, sports and activities.

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