Various Types of Security Doors Which You Can Install in Your Home

Doors have been created to provide you with safety, security and keep intruders at bay. With the crime rates increasing all over the world, you can never be too safe. When it comes to the safety and security of your family you never wish to compromise. Security doors are a great way to provide you privacy at home.  It keeps your family safe and protected. However, there are several kinds of security doors that you can choose from.

Types of Security Doors You Can Pick From

#1. Button System

The button system of security doors is probably one of the most popular and commonly used systems around the world. These doors work in a very simple pattern- there is a security system attached to the handle of your door, where you will need to input a numerical pass-code. Only if the pass-code is correct, will you or someone else be able to enter your home.

In case of a couple of wrong entries on the keypad, you might even lock yourself out and need the help of a professional to get back into your home. This kind of a security system can be quite effective at keeping out intruders from your home.

#2. Stainless Steel Security Wiring System

This kind of a security doors can be quite an expensive option; however, they also offer you with a high level of protection. The security lock is enforced with a 3-point locking system, which is fitted with stainless steel. This makes the security door near impossible to break into, giving you and your family the maximum benefit of the security door. The steel frame is also very heavy, which simply reinforces its ability to be a good security door and locking system for your home.

#3. Trellis Security Door

A trellis security door is a common sight in many households these days. These types of security doors use a trellis system which is made of iron. The trellis door can be retracted or locked with a single swiping movement. They can also be locked further using a bolt or a lock and key to increase security of your home. Trellis doors most commonly have their locks on the right-hand side of the door, and can be used on the outside of your main door for maximum security.

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#4. Phone Entry Systems

Phone entry systems work quite similar to a CCTV security system. However, the only biggest advantage of a phone entry system over a CCTV system is that you can enter your home by assigning a code word which will disable the security lock, instead of having somebody watch over the CCTV and disable the lock to let you in. The phone entry system also works out much cheaper in comparison to the CCTV security system. A simple voice ID is used, along with some pre-assigned code words to allow a person to enter into your home.

#5. Roll Up Security Door

Roll up security doors are most commonly found in commercial spots, however, they are also seen in residential areas in garages. The roll up security door is usually made of a heavy, sturdy and durable material; however, they are quite easy to operate and can be opened and shut either manually or by using a remote control, according to your specifications.

If you wish to install a good security screen door to increase the protection of your home and your family, you can look into these 5 options. It is important to invest in a good security system as it can give your home privacy as well as protection at the same time.

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