Types of Sliding Door Wardrobes

Sliding door wardrobes are nowadays more preferred over the usual hinged door wardrobes. This is because they don’t protrude outward and therefore save room space. They are stylish, modern, sophisticated and quite durable. Another thing that has made these wardrobes so popular these days is their versatility and availability of various styles, designs and colors. Following are the different types of sliding door wardrobes:

  • Vinyl-covered sliding door: The doors of these wardrobes are gyp rock panels covered with vinyl for a smoother and glossier look. They are coupled with aluminum frames and tracks. Because, these doors are very light weighted, they slide very easily.
  • Mirrored sliding door: These wardrobes provide dual purpose – first the efficient storage and second a full-length mirror for makeup or dance rehearsals. The mirrored glass panels are safe to slide. Also, mirrors give the illusion of a spacious room, making it a perfect choice for rooms that are small.

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  • Paintable sliding door: If you are not satisfied with the existing colors of the vinyl panel wardrobe, you can get it customized with your own colors. Paintable sliding door wardrobes are also plain, raw gyp rock panels that you can get painted in different colors to match the color of existing décor of your room. These raw panels are available with standard aluminum frames and tracks as well.
  • Opti-panel glass sliding door: This wardrobe gives the effect of frosted glass which looks very contemporary. The doors are commonly available in light green or white colors. The opti-panel wardrobes are paired with silver frames and tracks.
  • Multi-panel sliding door: Multi-panel sliding doors let you mix and match different colors for greater customization. They are paired with silver frames and tracks.

Well, if you are looking for a cheaper option, raw gyp rock and the vinyl based wardrobes are ideal for you. The colored opti-panels are usually very expensive. Remember to outline your budget before you buy from shops and always go for the highest quality of materials. Love Wardrobes, an online platform that deals with the sale of furniture, offers free home assembly service for sliding door wardrobes.

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