Types of LED Accessories and their Applications

LED accessories are the most commonly used accessories which use LED lights, and these lights are very quickly replacing another kind of lighting accessories which consume a huge amount of energy to operate. Reports suggest that LED lights consume 4-5 times less energy compared to a normal electric bulb. LED lights are capable of lasting from 20000-50000 hours of lighting. But the combination of efficiency and durability of these LED lights comes with an increase in its cost. These LED accessories cost almost double to what other CFLs and electric bulbs costs. But with the given advantages of these LED accessories, every penny spent on it is absolutely worth it.

Types of LEDs

There are different types of LED accessories commonly used these days. LED lighting is not just confined to lighting a house or an office but its use has now made its path in creative fields as well. A lot of these products are used in creating DIY apparels and decoratives. These LED lights come in different forms like OLED lights, LED thin threaded wires which are used as hair apparels. You may also use colored LED lights in decorative art pieces and in creatively customizing your room or workplace.

The special property of these LED lights  is their capability of emitting bright lights by consuming minimum energy. Power scarcity has become a major concern these days and to cope up with this change these light bulbs are really efficient and the increased use of these bulbs result in the low consumption of electricity in a city.

The government has also made quite a number of efforts to promote the usage of these LED lights by subsidizing these bulbs and hence making it affordable by not only the rich section of the society but to the middle and lower middle-class people as well.

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LED Revolution

In the commencing years, we saw LED bulbs as the only products of this technology but as the manufacturers understood the advantages gained by it and by the government’s promotion to this type of lighting accessories this section of the industry saw a huge revolution. Now it is not only limited to the production of LED bulbs but LED tube-like, high efficiency LED bulbs, and use of the LED screen is also an important and beneficial aspect of this technology. The mobile industry is also increasing rapidly and as the research and development teams of this industry saw the capability of LED lights to be used in the production of mobile screens they quickly adopted for this method as these screens provide the best quality of picture production using the minimum amount of energy.

LED accessories

They are used extensively in the automobile industry as well. When it comes to after sales customization of cars and bikes, these lights are the best alternative that consumers have with them. These lights come in different colors and they are priced very genuinely. These LED accessories for cars are not very expensive but give a very premium look to a car. Using these lights in customizing a car’s interior is also beneficial because it draws a very limited amount of electricity from the car’s battery which allows all the other components of a car to be richly provided with energy and increases their capability.


LED accessories when introduced was only limited to light bulbs but now it has a long list of products produced out of them. The two main aspect that makes it so useful is its low energy consumption and its genuine pricing mechanism. LED lights and accessories have seen a huge revolution in a very short span of time and with the increasing scarcity of energy the demand for these products is expected to rise.

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