How to Turn Your Home into a Relaxing Summer Paradise

Summer is the golden season where we soak up enough Vitamin D to chase away the winter blues and enjoy the warmth with a cool drink in hand. There’s something magical about a summer afternoon with nowhere to be and nothing to do; time slows down and you can truly unwind. At least, that’s how we anticipate it happening in our mind’s eye.

For all the perks of summer, there are challenges as well. How about when that previously ice-cold glass of juice starts sweating and warming up in your hand? Or when your quick sun soak session turns into an accidental nap and you have to slather your skin in aloe to stop the burning? Or, worst of all, when you’re inside your house and you simply can’t get comfortable because the environment is too humid and heavy to enjoy?

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In addition to always applying a coat of SPF 30+ before you step out into the sunlight, there are ways you can make the most of the hotter months. Topping that list is your need for a cool retreat while the sun is high in the sky.

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Here are a few tips on how to easily turn your home into a relaxing summer paradise.

Lay Down Fresh Linens

You want to wake up bright-eyed with the summer sun, not groggy and disheveled from a night of tossing and turning (and sweating). Likewise goes for when you lie down on your couch or perch in your favorite chair; that velvet upholstery sure isn’t doing you any favors! When you step out of the shower, the last thing you want is to wrap yourself in a dark, heavy towel. The fabrics of your home have a lot to do with how you feel.

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Cotton linens are the way to go for the summer season. And if you have a piece of furniture that you love and want to protect from the sizzling rays of the sun, designate a sheet to place over it for afternoon siestas. Consider how introducing new towels, curtains, blankets and washcloths into the mix can freshen up your entire home, both in appearance and texture.

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Increase the Airflow

Some people have AC; some don’t. But even if you do have it, you likely don’t want to double or triple your utility bill and put a strain on the environment by running it 24/7. Ceiling fans are an excellent alternative, complete with energy efficiency and their modern design sensibilities. These fixtures create moving air that hits our skin like a cool breeze, instantly taking a room from stagnant to comfortable.

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Plus, the sleek metal and wooden blades of ceiling fans are art in motion. Design-wise, a darker blade contrasts brilliantly with a lighter room, while an earthy tone adds a much-needed natural element to an otherwise sterile space. Modern styles range from industrial warehouse to farmhouse, so you’ll be able to match your light fixture to your room with no problem.

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Lighten the Color Scheme

Outside, the world is full of green grass, blue sky and yellow sun patches. Gardens are blooming with vivid pinks, purples and oranges. The sunrise and sunset are a complete palette of beauty. But if you’re stuck in your home with the shades drawn, you’re missing all of this joy.

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Just like you swapped out your heavy linens for something softer, try focusing on cheery, bright colors for the summer season. Put your navy throw pillows in the closet for now and add a pop of color in their place. Change out that black-and-white rug for something lighter and dreamier—perhaps a soft yellow or a jungle green. The more color, the more enjoyment you’ll get out of your house. Bonus points for growing your own indoor plants for a truly nature-inspired touch!

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Your home has all the potential to be your favorite summer space. Forget escaping to a coffee shop, bar or pool every time the thermometer rises; the best place to be is where you already are! With a little help from ceiling fans and some brighter décor, you’ll be ready to spend this season in style.

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