Trending Colors in Interior Design in 2021

Are you sick of looking at the same walls, floors, and general interior design of your home after more months spent at home than ever due to the global pandemic? If so, why not give your place a makeover?

One area to focus on if you want to freshen up your property and add value to it is color. With so many options to choose from, though, it can be exhausting trying to pick. To help you out with this, read on for some of the top trending colors in interior design in 2021 that might inspire you.

Happy Yellow

After such a stressful and often sad last 12 months, it’s probably no surprise that in 2021 more and more people are focusing on the use of happy colors in their homes. Clear, sunny yellow is a particular standout and is showing up in wall colors, furniture, accents, and more.

Whether you choose muted, soft yellow in a more neutral look or brighten up your property with a look-at-me shade, you’re sure to feel cheered from having this kind of palette in your home. If you like to keep an eye on Pantone’s annual paint color focus, check out Illuminating, a sweet yellow shade that’s one of the company’s 2021 Colors of the Year.

Pretty Pastels

If you watched the popular Netflix series Bridgerton in the last 12 months, you may feel inspired to bring a Regency style to your place. If so, a big part of that era and of the choices made for set design in the TV series was incorporating pretty pastels. The show is a prime example of how to use colors such as soft blush pink, lavender, mint green, and, in particular, the powder “Wedgwood Blue” shade that became famous from 18th-century jasperware pottery.

Earthy Tones

Another trend right now is to utilize more earthy tones in interior design. Again, after such a crazy year, it’s understandable that people are gravitating towards warm, rich shades that tie in with nature around us. To decorate using this cozy color palette, choose colors such as rich chocolate brown, warm ochre, dusty gray, burnt orange, moss green, terracotta tones, and muddy red-brown.

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These hues can ground us and calm us and provide a bit of a cocooning feel, which is ideal during anxious times. If you don’t want to go all out with these shades on your wall or floors, use them for furnishings, accessories, or fixtures such as cabinetry or a flush mount ceiling fan. If you want an earthy color to put on your walls that’s still quite neutral, consider Dulux’s Color of the Year 2021, Brave Ground.

Shades of Green

As you can see from above, different types of green are trending right now. Beyond mint and moss, though, green is having its day in every type of tone, from pale, soft hues down to the deepest, richest colors. Look out for restful, gauzy seafoam green and nature-inspired leafy green, as well as brighter shades like emerald green, olive green, and forest green.

Many people find green soothing, peaceful, and generally therapeutic. It works well in home offices and other spaces with lots of technology as it balances out the often artificial vibe that stems from having a stack of gadgets around.

Moody Hues

For those who enjoy creating a sense of drama in the home, consider decorating with dark, moody hues. These kinds of deep colors provide depth and visual interest, and a clear definition of spaces, too. One shade that’s getting much use right now is daring mulberry. This luxurious color adds a fun pop of punchy color to any room. It has a plummy blue undertone and pairs well with crisp white. Other options you might like to try out include passionate red and burgundy or deep peacock blue.

Also, bold jewel tones continue to be popular in 2021. Rich shades such as emerald and hunter green, dark teal, sapphire blue, ruby red, and brooding indigo are dynamic and eye-catching. They have a high level of color saturation and are, as the name suggests, derived from richly hued gemstones. If you’re worried these shades are a bit too much for your tastes, add them in subtle ways, such as in area rugs, drapes, cushions, lampshades, and chairs.

Are you looking for further inspiration? Consider decorating with inviting, timeless gray or add oomph with metallic options. Plus, keep in mind that neutrals are still trending this year, partly because they provide a comforting look and feel. They also make a more compact space feel bigger, which is handy when you’re confined to your home for longer than usual due to a pandemic!

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