How Trees Can Improve Your Quality Of Life

We have reached a time in history when the environment is becoming more and more of a consideration in the decisions people make regarding their home maintenance and living habits. While Alberta is set to phase out coal related energies by 2030 under the Climate LeadershipPlan in an effort to combat air pollution, there is still so much more to be done. As private citizens, it may feel as though making an impact on global warming is next to impossible. In addition to recycling and reducing auto and home emissions, maintaining healthy outdoor space is also crucial to a healthy environment.

Trees are exceptionally helpful in combating climate change and in helping improve air quality – having trees also provides a positive energy in any yard or garden space by providing nice scenery and shade for those lovely, lazy outdoor days. However, in order for your tree to be the most beneficial to the environment and to you, it is important that the tree is properly maintained by a trained professional to ensure health and proper growth.

Thousands of years ago, in hunter gatherer cultures, trees covered 48% of the earth’s surface and provided our species with all the fruit and nuts we needed! If we have a natural affinity with trees is most definitely related to the way we evolved and thrived with their help. The tables have turned a bit now though, however, and it is up to us to help the trees survive. Canada is home to some of the largest, densest forest in the world, but cultivating trees in your yard is great as well! Check out these great tips to take care of your trees and make sure that your yard is healthy and beautiful so that you can grow some delicious fruit connect with your hunter gatherer roots!

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It may be tempting for some people to prune and care for their trees on their own, but it can be exceptionally dangerous without the proper training and equipment. When choosing a professional service, it is important to ask for someone who is ISA certified. Being certified by the International Society of Arboriculture means that your arborist is properly trained and qualified to handle all different kinds of tree maintenance safely. An ISA certified arborist will also be able to identify any diseases on the tree that would inhibit proper growth or development, which will allow you to determine if a tree can be treated or if must be removed. A trained professional will also be able to handle issues such as stump grinding and tree removal along with pruning and other seasonal tree maintenance.

The stronger your tree is, the longer it will be around to give you that positive energy throughout the seasons. A healthy tree means more breathable air and a less toxic environment for you and your family to make memories in. Alberta, along with the rest of the world, is dealing with the aftermath of energy decisions that left our air quality compromised. Fixing these things isn’t always easy, but there are some things within our control that have the potential to make a significant impact; making sure that your trees are as healthy and strong as they can be is a good place to start.

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