Tree Felling Costs – Important Considerations

Should you be faced with the need to rid your property of a tree, naturally the cost of the tree felling will be a concern to you, however, you should never sacrifice safety in exchange for saving money, so be sure you hire a true expert tree services company for the undertaking.  Also keep in mind that tree removal might look like it’s not all that difficult, but it can be a perilous task if not carried out properly.  Not only that, but it could cause damage to not just your own, but your neighbor’s property too.  Much better to let a professional handle it.  So here are some important considerations when it comes to the costs of tree felling:

How Are Trees Removed?

An expert tree surgeon will perform tree felling in a variety of different ways, depending on the type of tree, whether it’s a canopy tree with wide, extending branches, or a palm tree or pine; how big it is and where it’s located.  It especially requires caution when removing trees in a residential area, because of the nearness of homes, the electrical lines, phone lines, a professional tree surgeon always has to take these things into consideration. If the tree is a large canopy tree with lots of height as well as branches and foliage, a professional will most likely cut it down branch by branch beginning at the top, then tie up each section securely and pass it on down to a fellow worker.  In a case where the tree were to hang over a road, then the tree surgeon would have to cordon off that particularly section.

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Professional tree services use a wide array of tools in order to do their job properly.  These include chainsaws, hand saws, chippers, etc.  There are a variety of ways i which you can put the wood to use once the tree has been felled.  You can, of course, simply let the tree surgeon take the wood away, or have it cut into chips, or sell it for fire wood.  Heck, you never can tell, if you or someone you know is artistically inclined, you just might decide to make some furniture from it.  You should discuss the disposal of the wood with your tree service professional before the work is done, and also what will be done with the stump afterwards.  And if you opt to have it completely removed, then the cost of that should be included in the original price for the work.

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How much it will cost to hire a professional tree service to fell your tree and remove it can’t be set to one standard, as it differs in regards to the size and location of the tree.  It will be expensive there’s no doubt, but just keep in mind that you will only have to pay for this service once for this particular tree.  That’s it.  Also, be sure to obtain at least three quotes before you settle on the tree service you want to use, and for your own protection, check references and insurance before you sign the contract.  And don’t be fooled if the tree surgeon should try and tell you that you don’t need a contract.  Have one drawn up stating precisely what the work to be done involves, how much it will cost and what will happen with the debris.


Candice works as an arborist and in tree felling in Sydney, and deals with canopy trees and just about every other kind of tree there is daily.  She is an expert on everything from tree removal, tree planting, etc.

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