Tree Cutting Accidents: How to Avoid Them?

Trees in general require some form of maintenance, which means that there will be a lot of trimming and pruning; and the most difficult is to remove a tree when it becomes sick, in order to avoid any damages done to surrounding structures, or injury to other people.

Professional tree maintenance is best left to experienced arborists as they will know exactly how to handle any situation. Moreover, if you try to trim a tree without proper knowledge or tools, there is a good chance that an accident will occur.

Handle Your Tools with Care

One of the biggest threats to anyone dealing with trees is to use woodcutting tools incorrectly which can lead to many accidents including being struck by falling branches or pieces of trees. Unless you are sure and unless you know proper chainsaw safety, it is best to leave the tree maintenance to the professionals.


Depending on the kind of tools you have to use when taking care of trees, there is a chance of getting electrocuted; especially if you are dealing with trees which are close to power lines. Always make sure that you follow proper safety procedures in order to avoid any fatal injuries.

Dealing with Harmful Side-Effects

Trees are rarely standing alone; usually they will be surrounded by poison ivy which is hard to distinct from the tree, and its toxins can cause rashes, severe itching. There is a good chance that poison oak will be near as well, and even though it looks harmless, it can lead to severe skin poisoning if not handled carefully.


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It is important to always check out the work area so that you can deal with any poisonous threats immediately without having to visit a hospital with a bad case of skin poisoning. Moreover, always wear protective gear so that you can avoid unnecessary contact with those plants.


Protective Gear

According to the people who run my local tree service, even simple scrapes from tree barks can lead to devastating results, as the splinters can cause infections. Furthermore, trees usually house a few dangerous animals as well, and unless wearing proper protective gear, they can bite, claw and sting, which can lead to dangerous reactions and in the worst case scenario, fatal injuries if not treated in a timely fashion. 

Always Check Heavy Equipment

Make sure that when working with heavy equipment, everything is working accordingly and all mechanical parts are well maintained, because the simplest of malfunctions can lead to disasters and to the injury of many.

Proper Diligence

Never be too sure of anything when working with trees and heavy-duty equipment; always check it twice to make sure that everything is working as it should. Moreover, always wear protective gear and always secure the work area to eliminate chances of an accident happening.

However, always be prepared for the worst, and make sure that you know how to handle dangerous situations so that you can act appropriately. But in the case when tree maintenance seems too much to handle, it is better to call in the professionals who will know how to deal with it than risk a fatal injury.

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