Travelling is No Longer as Used to Be

COVID19 pandemic has taken a toll on the economy, and tourism is the worst-hit industry. Millions of people have given up fighting for life, and millions are struggling to recuperate from the disease to go back home.

Even though the life of the virus in the air is not long like Influenza, it has not been relenting when it comes to posing a severe threat to your life. It cannot walk, it cannot move, it cannot flow, yet it is strong enough to give an invitation to your death.

Of course, a vaccination will be launched, and restrictions will ease up, but things will never be like as were before the onset of the outbreak. There was a time when the temperature would go up, you would immediately go to a hill station when you would get bored with your chores, plan vacations, but now everything has changed.

Travelling is going to be more of a sort of essential thing. Business trips will be more than vacation trips. Now travelers need to be cautious about physical distancing and hygiene.

It is hard to predict with full certainty how the travelling experience will be down the road, but the following changes the travelling industry is expected to face.

Changes in aviation

The aviation industry is trying to introduce safety measures to provide a safe trip to users. After the lockdown, airline companies have made it mandatory to wear masks during the flight and sanitise hands before boarding the flight.

Some airports are using no-contact temperature scanners. If it shows more than normal temperature, you will immediately be disallowed to board the flight. Even though the vaccination comes down the line, this trend is expected to continue to avoid spreading the virus. People with weaker immune systems are vulnerable to the infection.

Now airports will implement strict policies to ensure the safety of passengers instead of just mentioning around and announcing the protocol that people do not bother about. The trend of inconsistently following the instructions no longer exits. Some airlines will be allowing fewer passengers to follow the protocol of physical distancing.

Hong Kong International Airport is the first airport that has introduced the automatic full-body disinfection system. Some airports have implemented the automated sanitizer tunnel to get sprayed as they go through it before entering the airport. Some airline companies are suspending amenities like pillows and blankets.

No early bookings

Early bookings are a typical trend that allows you to save some money. Whether it is a flight or hotel booking, you cannot follow this rule anymore.

As there is travel uncertainty – you will likely get turned down due to a high temperature – it is not worth booking trips months before.

Travellers will be able to book trips a week or two before the confirmed travel dates. Of course, you will not be able to save money on ticket prices.

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Hotels with new standards

Hygiene and cleanliness standards will ramp up in the hospitality industry. Now travellers need to be extra cautious to get in a hotel. Hotels need to indicate how they are ensuring the safety of visitors. Sanitary protocols will be mandatory for all public activities. Some hotels are expected to install an automated sanitizer machine at the door that will sanitise people and baggage before they enter.

The use of paper is expected to be reduced to implement new hygiene guidelines. The use of digital methods will increase to allow more space for physical distancing. Fewer contacts help ensure keeping the virus at bay.

Dining will focus on ways to reduce cross-contamination.  Restaurants may design menus in single portions to reduce the demand for sharing dishes. They can also start delivering in-room dining to reduce contacts as much as possible.

Solo travelling will go up

As you know that you need to come in less contact with others due to COVID19, people are expected to become solo travellers. The vaccination’s availability does not allow for an interpretation that things will revert as were before the outbreak of COVID19.

As you need to maintain physical distancing and hygiene standards, you will prefer being a solo traveller. Group tours will not likely be a preferred option.

The Crowd will not be too much

Museums, theme parks, and beaches draw the crowd, but crowds are expected to be much smaller. There is no denying that the COVID19 pandemic has made people worried. Some theme parks have already planned how they are going to implement the safety measures for visitors. These measures include mandatory mask-wearing, temperature checks when visitors get in, and a gap in seats to allow social distancing.

Further such theme parks are expected to use AI-powered tools to monitor activities of people to continually remind them of wearing masks and maintaining a sufficient distance from others.

Museums and zoos are also expecting fewer visits to maintain the protocol of social distancing easily. More staff will be appointed to take care of if people are following guidelines. Authorities will emphasise cleaning more than ever.

Staycations will be more than abroad trips

Domestic trips are expected to be more than international trips because they give a sense of security to travellers that they are in their country, know better about all facilities, and can easily access emergencies. More people will prefer buying travel insurance, and they will not stop taking out loans to keep up with monthly premiums. It is recommended to take out a loan from a reputed direct lender like Huge Loan Lender.

COVID19 pandemic is about to change the way we live our life undoubtedly. Travelling experience will be much more different than you have faced to date. However, there is no certainty that all these changes are likely to be experienced.

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