Travel tips to make your UK trip easier

If you have decided to visit UK for the first time in your life, there are a few tips that will make your trip easier.

Getting there and getting around

The best option to get to the UK is by plane. Heathrow is Europe’s largest airport and the one of the busiest airports on the planet, with connections to most airports around the world. Bear in mind that flying on Monday through Thursday is cheaper than flying on weekends. Getting from the airport to the city is relatively easy due to the fact that the public transportation is available and very well organized.

To get around London use the metro. The London Underground is one of the best organized metros in the world. It is divided into 6 zones and each Underground line has its own name and color. If you are afraid that you will get lost, it is advisable to buy a metro map, but I think that the map above your seat in the train, with all the stops marked will be enough for you to know where to get off.

London is the hub of the British railway network – major cities and most of the smaller, provincial cities in Britain have a rail link to London – even though the frequency and quality of service can vary from town to the town. There are a lot of other things to see in the UK besides London, so get on the train and go.

Money transactions

Unlike the rest of Europe, the UK has refused to go over to the euro. Most likely you will be able to pay in euros in some shops, but you will get your change in pounds.

UK is a very special country for many reasons, and among other things, by the fact that the banks over there are extra careful, so it can happen that your credit/debit card won’t work in the UK although it works in your country. Therefore before leaving contact your bank and verify that your card can be used in the UK.

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Where to stay

This depends on how big your budget is. Some of the best hotels in the world are based in the UK, but there are also low cost motels, bed and breakfasts and lodges. If you do not want to overpay your stay in the UK and you want to save money for something else, the best solution would be to use some services to share your accommodation.

UK is crowded during summer, so if you are planning to spend your summer vacation there, you should reserve your stay in advance (no later than March).


The British are well known for their tradition and customs. Even if they are not stuck-up as much as you thought they would be, you should respect and go by some unwritten rules and obligations. For example:

Never come into someone’s home unannounced.

If you are invited to come at 7pm and you do not show up on time, then the best would be not to show up at all. Being late is considered to be very rude. And just so you know, no one will wait for you, and it is very likely that you will miss the dinner.

Do not refuse a cup of tea. Yes, it will usually be too sugary, there will be too little milk, and it will probably be warmer or colder than you like, but the refusal is simply unacceptable so – drink it up.

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