How to Travel With Your Dog

Going on vacation is what we are living for. Once you have sat down in your driver’s seat or tucked yourself in a comfortable plane seat, life is all of a sudden a meadow full of flowers and beautiful sensations. Just as you the plane has taken off or you have left the highway intersection and started the smooth highway sail, a sobering fact crosses your mind like a bullet – you have forgotten your dog at home. If you are on the plane, there is no other way but waiting for the landing to call back friends and relatives of yours to break the door if necessary and take care of your beloved pet. Or, you could just remember to take your dog with you. Here are some useful tips on how to travel with your dog.

Adaptation period

People, when supposed to start doing something that we have not done before, need an adaptation period. Now take into consideration that we have at least some sort of a ration and we should be able either to learn how to cope with new situations or do as much as we can to rationalize the issue and start operating in a normal way. The thing with dogs is that, no matter how smart and intelligent they might seem, they do not have such a switch in their minds. If you just trick your dog into climbing into the car and start driving him or her for several hundred miles, you will have a lot of problems on your way to the holiday resort. To avoid such canine-unfriendly unfolding of events, you have to adapt and prepare your dog for car rides. You can take it with you to the park by car or to a pet shop and give it food as you get there. Any car trip that ends in a positive way for your dog will help it a lot to embrace the car cabin as the second living room.

Make it safe in the car

Although the picture of a dog showing off freely with its tongue through the car window is a romantic image, it should not be allowed under any circumstances in reality of your own car. Dogs must be secured from hurting themselves, other car occupants and, above all, the driver. Since it is not highly probable that you will manage to stop your dog from car play by fastening its safety belt, you should consider other options. Babies have their special seats and dogs should have their own cages. Dog cages for traveling such as Purina Pet Life crates keep the dog safe and sound all the way long. However, you should again avoid squeezing your dog mercilessly into the crate and drive it for hours. You should also make it go through some stages of introducing the crate to your dog.

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Traveling with dog is like having babies on board. They are amusing, you adore them, but they cannot take care of themselves. Just arrange everything to make them safe and all other passengers secured and once you reach the desired destination, you all can enjoy your long-awaited vacation.

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