Travel Destination For The Spring of 2019

Traveling is a great way to expand your horizon, experience things in life and meet new people. More than 1.4 billion people in the world traveled internationally in the year 2018 alone. According to a market forecast, by 2028 around 2 billion people will use their passports for international destinations. In 2019, the majority of people surveyed by are interesting in holiday destinations that offer exciting activities. With the winter finally over, it is the perfect time to seek some thrilling adventurous journey for spring is here.

Spring is not only the best time for relaxation for students, but it is for all types of travelers. Being between winter and summer, spring season gives way to a more relax rates and prices and offers less crowded destinations.

Here are some travel destinations to keep you well stocked with photos for your social media this spring season of 2019.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona in Spain is the place to be this spring of 2019 as it becomes less crowded with tourists. Meaning less people to bump into at the tourist spots, lower prices for accommodation, and so much more fun. Barcelona is a place adorned with romantic architecture and magnificent structures.

Gothic Quarter, Las Ramblas, Park Guell and the gorgeously imposing La Sagrada Familia, are some of the must-visit spots in the city. Do not forget to order Paella, Tapas and Jamon Iberico in the restaurants in the city and enjoy Sangria while people watching.

Swiss Alps, Switzerland

Being one of the most recognizable tourist spots in Switzerland, the Swiss Alps is a must visit this spring of 2019 as the Glacier Express inaugurates its Excellence Class. A luxury train experience that runs along the ice-capped mountains from Zermatt to St. Moritz.

The temperature in the region is also considered favorable around April and June, with fewer crowds and cheaper rates making it the most suitable destination this season. If appreciating the icy beauty of this Alps inside a carriage isn’t your style, don’t worry as you can hike your way to the top. In addition, other activities are available for you to do surrounding this mountain range like fishing, camping, skiing, and even sledding.

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Brisbane, Australia

If you are looking for a metropolitan adventure, Brisbane, Australia is always ready to welcome you and most certainly happy to have you for your spring adventure. The city is a hot spot for art centers and institutions and is steadily becoming an exciting place for city living following the development of some premium property.

April is the best place to visit this metropolis as it is warm, not humid nor is it rainy. Despite being the third most populous city in Australia, this place is more than just indoor activities. Outdoor activities like fishing, hiking, boating, kayaking, and skydiving are all available for you to try to this sunny city.


If you want to experience an awe-inspiring, breathtakingly beautiful scenery of seemingly endless fields of flowers, then Holland is the best place to be this spring. Book a ticket to Netherland and land in Holland to see the natural marvel of this province through the colorful arrangement and mosaic of millions of tulips.

Mid-April is the best time to see the full bloom of these beautiful flowers. In the botanical garden of Keukenhof in Lisse in South Holland alone, you get to witness more than 7 million flowers bloomed to perfection.

Elqui Valley, Chile

Due to the lack of presence of artificial light, Elqui Valley in Chile becomes the best place to observe some of the most mesmerizing astronomical events in the universe. It is a must-visit in 2019, as a number of cosmic events are in line this year. It watching a perfectly clear meteor shower is in your bucket list then look no further and schedule a trip to this once sleepy and silent spot.

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