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Transform your Garage into a more Personal Home Space

If your family is growing or you need just a little more space in your home, then extending it in the garage may be just the thing you need. Doing it so it will increase the value of your home and add one more usable space.

Garages are useful if you live in a harsh environment and you want to protect your car. If you use your car every day multiple times, or you don’t have car at all, you can transform your garage from a cluttered space into a beautiful room.

1. Home Office

With the start of the COVID 19 pandemic, many people started working from home. The lack of isolated home office was a bit of a problem. Not having a personal space where you can work from home brought the idea to transform the garage into home office.

2. Home Gym

Everyone need a personal space where can relax. With building a home gym you can save money on monthly subscriptions in the gyms where you probably don’t go often due to having a little time. Having own home gym at your garage will allow you to use the little daily breaks to workout. Working out for 30 minutes per day is more than enough to be in shape and healthy. But if you need to travel to the gym, this time is not enough and you could lay on the bed instead.

3. Place for your hobbies

If you are into painting or music, garage is the perfect place to escape and enjoy yourself. Being alone and not distracted by anyone will help you calm down and do your hobby. You can always show your creations to your friends. Investing in motorized door screens for garage could make you have privacy and protection from bugs and sun. With a single click of the button your open space could transform into perfect private personal space.

4. Play room

With your children growing, you must provide a space where they can have fun. Transforming your garage into a play room is a great choice. You can add some consoles, Nintendo, billiard and other games. Not only this can be a great room for your kids, but also you can travel back in time and let your inner child enjoy all the careless times from the past.

5. Home cinema

Wouldn’t it be great if you could transform your garage into a beautiful home cinema and not to be just a place to park your cars? With a little imagination and some investment, you could have a room where you, your family and friends could enjoy summer nights together. Just add some dimmable lighting, a great screen or projector, sound system and comfortable furniture and you are ready to go.

To Sum

With transform your garage into something else, you could increase the value of your home. You could also get a new usable space where you can enjoy together with your family and friends, or have a space to work from home. Having any other ideas, feel free to share them with us in the comments below.

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