Touch and Touch-free Technology for a Smarter Bathroom

We use bathroom every day, so its importance is far greater than we think. Before, the choice of taps, showers and toilets were reduced to a few styles; and the choice of materials and colours were also limited. The development of modern technology has also affected the design of the modern bathrooms. Today, there is a very wide selection of hi-tech equipment for the bathroom.

Touch free!

The system of flushing without contact enables you to simply run your hand over the water tank, instead of touching the handle. This practical piece of technology is offered by many on the market, Kohler being one of the best examples of such innovation. How does this work? – The sensor with the electromagnetic field is installed on top of the tank. When the electromagnetic field breaks through, with a simple wave of the hand, flushing action is triggered. Touch-free flushing is an excellent solution for those who want to increase hygiene in their bathroom. We are usually worried about hygiene and the health of our family members, and the lever on the toilet tank can raise ​​our hygiene concerns.

Touch me!

There are many types of faucets available for purchase today, including those that do not require the user to turn the handle for water flowing. These taps are turned on when the user touches them, and they do not require the user to turn the knob to get water. The user will not get a handle dirty when he/she wants to use it, as it can be touched with a wrist or an elbow to turn on the water flow. This also prevents the spread of bacteria.

A revolution is taking place in the bathroom; we now have the faucets with the digital interfaces made by GROHE that you turn on by just one touch of a finger. Digital technology gives you precision in achieving the right water temperature.

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A good example of the touch technology is the Hansa Canyon model. Patented single lever faucet aerator allows water and energy savings up to 50%, which at the present time with considerable financial savings detects and real respect for our planet. Hansa Canyon designers achieved that the faucet is colouring the water in relation to the water temperature.

Music and relaxation – Smart shower!

Here is another clever product. Smart shower has sensors that detect the temperature of your body and adjust the water temperature to it, so that you do not need to worry about that. Also, sensors detect when you enter the shower and let the water flow. Once you get out, the water is turned off and this way you are saving litres during a shower. Of course, like other smart products, this has the ability to connect to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and more, so that during a shower you can listen to your favourite music, follow the news online or check what is new on your social network account. After a long and stressful day, this is a product that will allow the maximum relaxation for your mind and body.

In every other room of the household digital technology is present, so why not in the bathroom too? Introducing the new technology in this room you’ll achieve the comfort of a modern spa, and make your bathroom more hygienic.

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