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Top Unexplored Sites to Visit On Heritage India Tours

If you are interested in a cultural holiday experience that allows you to absorb yourself in the history of another country, we are sure those heritages India tours are somewhere near the top of your list. What you may have noticed, however, is that many of these tours cover the same sites and tourist attractions – what if you’re looking for something a little different? In this article, we have covered some of the top unexplored sites in India that you should visit.

Deccan Edge (Burhanpur), Madhya Pradesh

This region is home to a number of unexplored heritage India tour sites, including several monuments that reflect the Mughal era (such as the Sarai and Ahukhana, which were used as royal leisure pavilions), the Jama Masjid mosque, Raja ki Chatri (which was built in memory of Raja Jai Singh), and the Islamic pilgramage site Dargah-E-Hakimi.

Image by Kirk Kittell via Flickr

Devrani & Jethani Temple Ruins, Bilaspur

Located around 30km from Bilaspur, the Devrani and Jethani temple complex (which is mostly in ruins) is said to date back to the sixth century AD. It features intrinsic sculptures conforming Shilpa Sastra, as well as various other mythological beliefs. The detail carvings show reptiles, mammals, insects, humans and daemons.


Domkhar, Ladakh

Scholars have recently discovered a vast, open air museum in the highlands of Domkhar that is comprised of petroglyphs dating back to the second and third millennium BC (or Iron Age). The sanctuary can be found on the Khaltse-Batalik route, approximately 120km from Leh, and showcases a narrative of hunting, wars and festivals.

Image by via Flickr

Farrukhnagar relics, New Delhi

These days, Farrukhnagar is basically a medieval gallery that exhibits the imperial era of the Mughals. The town features a number of monuments, such as: Sheesh Mahal, Baoli and Jama Masjid. There are also a number of memorials to visit. The architecture of the town, a unique combination of Rajasthani and Mughal architecture, is also worth the trek.

Image by abrinsky via Flickr

Laxman Temple, Sirpur

Known as one of the finest brick temples in the region, the Laxman Temple features a stone doorframe and intrinsic carvings. After being first discovered in 1872, excavations have revealed 12 Buddh Viharas, a Jain Vihara, monolithic statues of Buddha and Mahavira, 22 Shiv temples and 5 Vishnu temples – so much to explore!

Image by Sajid khan via Google+

Terracotta works, Bishnupur

This area is home to some of the finest examples of terracotta temples in the world, many of which date back to the mid seventh century; there are 21 to visit. The temples are dedicated to various Hindu deities and depict various themes from ancient epics. If you don’t mind travelling a little further, there are even more terracotta works to visit.

Image by Amartya Bag via Flickr

When planning heritage India tours, we hope that you will make time to visit some of the best unexplored sites that the country has to offer. Not only will you immerse yourself with the culture of times past, you will have mostly free reign of the locations because many tourists either do not know about or do not bother with them. Make sure that you choose a tour guide who knows these sites inside out and back to front for the most informative experience.

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