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Top Trends In Necklaces For Autumn/Winter 2020

Jewelry continues to enjoy a sparkling future, with research by McKinsey indicating that global sales will amount to $291 billion this year, with the internationalization of brands sparking worldwide trends in both precious and fashion jewelry. As the cooler season approaches, fashionistas are purchasing more items that can be shown off despite the popularity of long sleeves, jackets and coats. One piece that can be sported even if you are wearing a turtle-neck sweater, of course, is the everyday necklace. What trends will be dominating this well-loved jewelry item in the upcoming months?

Stacked Necklaces

Stacking may have begun in the realm of rings, but today, this fashion is just as likely to be found in necklaces, with everyone from fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni to singer Selena Gomez wearing various styles of necklace (including snake gold chains, delicate gem necklaces and pendants and medals) together. Chiara Ferragni has taken it to the ultimate level by wearing a beautiful emerald and diamond necklace alongside fashion jewelry and casual clothing such as T-shirts and jeans. If everyday diamond cleanliness is a concern for you, know that all you need is a soft cloth and a gentle, dedicated cleanser to keep your sparklers in fine form. Avoid chemicals like window cleaners and other harsh products. Sometimes all your diamonds need to show off their full fire is a gentle rub with a soft cloth.

Vintage Designs

Vintage necklaces bearing old gold effects are proving to be the perfect complement to elegant tops and suits. Pair old looking chains with a large pendant for a statement piece that will turn heads. Antique designs look fantastic alongside transparent chains and metals in white gold and platinum. The more eclectic the look, the better when it comes to bestowing a serious look with a touch of rebellion.

Chunky Chains

It’s a pleasure to see men wearing diamond halo necklaces, diamond chains, and chunky gold diamond necklaces, but women too are opting for larger pieces that make their presence felt in a bold manner. One trend in larger styles is that of ‘charm necklaces’ which bear a link-like appearance. If you aren’t into charms, simply wear this necklace as is. It will look just as good alone as it will paired with finer and wider necklaces in similar or contrasting shades.

Necklaces are a jewelry item ‘for all seasons’ since they can make their presence felt regardless of what you are wearing. From chunky, big designs to delicate stacked necklaces, there is a wide gamut of styles you can pair up in a fearless fashion. These days, stacked fashions in rings, bracelets and necklaces alike mean that you can marry luxury and fashion pieces of all sizes, styles and eras, looking all the more interesting with every eclectic addition.

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