Top Tips When Your TV Antenna Doesn’t Work

Most people use cable or satellite because of the additional channels and better quality of reception. However, there are many homeowners that still rely on an antenna to watch television.

When your antenna doesn’t produce a quality picture, it can be very frustrating. These are the top tips when your TV antenna doesn’t work.

Locate Broadcast Towers

TV antenna installation can be a very tricky job with many important elements to keep in mind. One of them is remembering to locate the broadcast towers in your area.

The further the towers are from your home, the more powerful your antennas need to be. If you are a considerable distance from the broadcast towers, you’re going to need an extremely powerful antenna.

Place the Antenna Near a Window

If you’re having issues with TV antenna installation, the solution could be as easy as moving your antenna. There may not be enough access to open air for the antenna to pick up a good picture.

When the picture isn’t that great, you should place the antenna near or in a window. This can significantly improve the quality of your picture.

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Install High

Many times your best bet is to install the antenna as high as possible. Normally, antennas seem to pick up a better signal when they are installed in a higher area.

If you don’t have anything to directly sit the antenna on, you can mount it using a shelf or some other flat surface. As long as you have the antenna securely fastened, you shouldn’t have any issues.

Keep Away from Metal

Metal can cause interference with TV antenna installation. You should keep your antenna away from any solid metal structure at all costs.

Be mindful of things like bars outside of your windows or other large components. Keep a considerable distance between the antenna and metal objects within your home as well.

If you’ve tried different types of troubleshooting and aren’t having any luck, you should take additional measures. Sometimes you have no choice but to seek professional assistance when it comes to TV antenna installation!

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