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Top Tips for Having the Perfect Wedding at Home

Weddings can be ridiculously expensive. One fantastic way to save money is by having it at home. If you, your parents or another close family member or friend have a large garden, then a home wedding can be the perfect alternative to a costly venue. However, hosting a wedding in someone’s backyard has its challenges. Here are some great tips to help you plan the perfect wedding at home.

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Separate It

Keeping the wedding festivities to the garden is a good idea if you don’t want the guests traipsing through your house all day and night. But, you may also want to consider separating the wedding ceremony from the reception. Depending on how much space you are working with, this may mean having the wedding inside. This way your magical reception setting can be a surprise for the guests and a lovely way to walk into married life.

Hire a Tent

Having a wedding or reception in the garden can mean that you are very much at the mercy of the weather. Hiring a large tent offers some shelter if the worst happens, and also protects your decorations and gives you the option to hang things.

Think About Toilets

Most homes have one, or two bathrooms. Imagine all your guests, after a few drinks, queuing through the house to use one of them. Hiring portable toilets from On Site Co. is a fantastic option.

Have Some Fun

Having the wedding at home means you’ve got plenty of chance to make it personal and add some fun. Hire large outdoor board games and decorations. Hang lights in the trees and on the house to create a magical setting. You could even have a garden BBQ in the evening.


If you are tight on space, but still want your wedding at home, you may need to prioritize. Do you want a sit-down meal, with tables and chairs or would you prefer a buffet, which saves a lot of space? Is a large dance floor essential? Or would you rather people have room to relax in the garden? Sit down with your partner and think about what you really want for your special day. Make room for whatever is important to you, skip the rest.

Consider the Clean-up

Remember, having the wedding at home means you’re responsible for the clean-up. Friends and family will no doubt want to help so you can set off on your honeymoon, but you may want to hire a cleaning team too.


Start preparing your garden as soon as you can. Think about where the tent will be and start trimming back any plants or treating your lawn. Consider planting new trees and flowers to add to the beauty of the setting.

Remember, your wedding is your special day. Don’t do things for other people or because you feel like you have to. Make your day special and personal to you. Everyone else is there to make you happy so they’ll love the day no matter what. Good luck and congratulations.

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