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Top Three Animals That Make Great Family Pets

If the time has come when you want to welcome a new furry addition into the family home, there will no doubt be many discussions surrounding which pet is right for you.

There are so many factors to consider; how much will they cost to take care of, how much maintenance do they need, will they fit into your lifestyle and so on. With this in mind, read on to find the top three animals that should suit your little family down to the ground, no matter what your hectic routine might be.

  1. Dogs

Let’s start off with man’s best friend! Dogs will always make a great family pet; there are so many breeds that are every bit as loyal, intelligent and friendly as any family could ever want. If you prefer small dogs, why not go for the calm and patient Beagle? Or if you want a loveable larger dog, Newfoundland puppies will grow into very gentle giants.

There is a breed to suit every owner, whether you just want to curl up on the sofa or go for long energetic runs through the countryside. They will need a higher degree of maintenance and regular vet appointments, so you’ll have to factor this into your budget, but their loyal bond to you with be worth it. Just make sure that you always go through a reputable breeder, or an establishment such as Douglas Hall Kennels, who deal directly with such breeders.

  1. Cats

People don’t usually think of cats in terms of breeds but they should, because felines have just as much difference in personality and temperament as dogs. There is a world of difference between an energetic Bengal that loves to explore, and a British Blue Shorthair who prefers to curl up on your lap. If you have allergies to cats but you absolutely love them, there’s a lot of studies conducted on the Siberian breed, who produce far less of the saliva protein that causes a reaction.

In terms of maintenance, it really depends on the lifestyle you would prefer your cat to have. If you intend letting them out to roam the streets, you will only need toys, a scratching post, litter tray and so on. However, if you plan on keeping an indoor cat and a more docile breed, you’ll still need to make sure they have plenty of climbing equipment and places to explore in your home to stay stimulated.

  1. Hamsters

If your aim with your new pet is to teach your children about caring for others and giving them responsibility, and you don’t have as much time available to give an animal a good deal of attention, a hamster could be the perfect tiny addition to your family.

These small, furry, harmless bundles of fun make ideal “pocket pets” for those who spend a lot of time out of the house. Their needs are fairly simple too: plenty of food, a large cage and fresh bedding.

Are you buying your first pet soon?

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