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Top Plumbing Secrets Everyone Should Know

There are secrets to every trade, and plumbing is no exception. If you know some of these secrets, you may be able to save yourself some time and lots of money. However, not properly repairing a job could be a colossal mistake and ultimately cost you more money in the long run. Many of these may be new information to some but basic to others near the trade of plumbing. Below we dive into some of the secrets that plumbers often don’t share.

Avoid Weekends

Most people are off on the weekend, and it can be much more convenient to have a plumber come out and repair your problem on a Saturday or Sunday. What most people don’t know or soon find out that weekend plumber prices are much higher than weekday service calls. Some companies will let you know in there is a weekend fee while others might bill you for a higher amount. You can always ask for pricing over the phone or get a ballpark idea.

Drain Cleaners

Plumbers have a love-hate relationship with drain cleaners. Sure, it can often help get your clog fixed, but drain cleaners are very abrasive and prolong usage can cause major damage to your pipes.

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Billy Henley, a San Bernardino plumber with BHI, explains, “Most customers would be better off having a professional plumber come out to clean their pipe. Sometimes there are other reasons for the clog and a professional plumber can determine the specific issue.”

Ring Down the Sink

Everyone knows at least one person this has happened to. Someone is washing their hands, and they slip one of their rings off for a few minutes and set it by the sink. Next thing they know is the ring falls into the sink and goes down the drain. The person calls a plumber to see if they can find the ring.

Tim Sanchez a contractor from Southern California explains, “Most people don’t realize it will cost them over $100 for a plumber to spend about 15-minutes to retrieve that ring. What they can do is grab a bucket and place it under the P-Trap of their sink and untighten the pipe and usually find the ring in there.”


As dishwashers get old, they don’t work as efficiently as new ones did. Calcium and other minerals buildup and need to be cleaned off. A good and easy way to fix this problem is by putting some white vinegar in your dishwasher and running it through the cycles. The vinegar will help eat away and the buildup and clean things up.


Knowing a little bit about plumbing problems can help save you money. Especially the issues that may require significant repairs down the road. The Internet is a good resource to use to help point you in the right direction. If you have specific questions, call a local plumbing company and speak with an actual plumber.

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