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Top 7 Cruising Places to See in Australia

Australia is well-known for its stunning natural views, pristine beaches, an abundance of national parks as well as rolling hills and mountains. It is also famous for its historic, lively and bustling cities and peculiar architectural style. The thing that separates Australia from the rest of the world is the possibility to explore all these features in different, adventurous ways. You can go sightseeing by air, land and water. One of the most extraordinary experiences you can indulge in is definitely cruising. If you’re considering taking a cruising trip around Australia, don’t forget to pack for a chic and stylish cruise wardrobe for a complete experience. Also, take a look at some of the top cruising destinations that will take your breath away.

Visit bustling Melbourne

One of the top places to visit on an Australian cruise is surely the capital of Victoria – Melbourne. It is a city bustling with all kinds of diverse restaurants, cafes, bars and shopping malls. It is also loved by tourists because of its abundance in art galleries and cultural superiority. There are a few cruising routes you can opt for on the river Yarra and spend a lovely day surrounded by beautiful scenery and local animals.

Cruise around the iconic capital

The first thing that comes to people’s mind when thinking about Sydney is definitely its iconic landmarks: the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. By choosing a Sydney Harbour Cruise you can enjoy scenic mountain areas, sandy beaches and other amazing natural views, alongside the well-known landmarks. Besides the breathtaking views, you can also enjoy exquisite food and delicious local wine. There are different cruising options including heading to the Northern Beaches and cruising around Hawkesbury River. Whichever you choose, you won’t make a mistake as all of the routes are beautiful in their own special, Aussie way.

Don’t miss out on Cairns and The Great Barrier Reef

The thing you shouldn’t definitely miss out on when in Australia is one of the UNESCO’S Seven Natural Wonders of the World – The Great Barrier Reef. You can find this spectacular, one-of-a-kind place near Cairns. You need about 90 minutes by catamaran to reach the reef, where you can explore it by diving, snorkeling or taking an underwater tour in a semi-submersible. It is truly a unique and unforgettable experience. There are plenty of cruises along the Queensland coast, which offer more adventurous ones including snorkeling and diving and those that offer some romantic, overnight cruises.

Head to sunny Brisbane

Brisbane is beaming with Aussie culture and it is a city definitely worth the visit. It is a charming city featuring nice weather all year long, perfect for different outdoor activities. You can enjoy all kinds of fun, from rock climbing, cycling, sightseeing to visiting animal sanctuaries. These animal sanctuaries are especially loved by children as they have the opportunity to hand-feed many animals, pet and meet them. Queensland’s capital is also packed with cultural venues such as museums and art galleries. It also provides an opportunity for a nice, laid-back day at a sunny beach. It is characterized as a lively, semi-tropical city.

Enjoy a trip to the beautiful Hobart

An exceptional trip to the beautiful Hobart can broaden your horizons in so many ways. MONA (Museum of Old and New Art) offers its own ferry ride for the panoramic trip along the river Derwent to an extraordinary museum-gallery. There are always new exhibitions and distinct festivals happening. Hobart is characterized by a historic waterfront and a picturesque port. Tasmania’s capital also features splendid Mount Wellington, and a strong colonial heritage.

Give a chance to the big country town of Adelaide

This cosmopolitan city is located on the southern coast of Australia. You can get to know the indigenous culture by observing art in so many galleries and museums. Many people describe Adelaide as a foodie town, beaming with tasty food and exquisite restaurants. A vintage-style tram and wine regions make this town a big country town. It is usually a place where ferries and boats meet when transferring people from the east to the west coast.

Last but not least – take a superb Perth cruise

Perth is beaming with all kinds of fun destinations including the zoo, stunning parks and vivid valleys. A cruise along the Swan River in this amazing town can even get you swimming with dolphins. Moreover, you can enjoy many stunning sights from the riverboat, including the amazing Bell Tower, restored Swan Brewery, Kings Park and luxurious coastal mansions, while listening to some interesting historical developments at the same time. These tour guides are quite informative and fun to listen to.

No wonder Australia has been voted one of the top cruising destinations in the whole world, with so many dazzling natural as well as man-made features. Embarking on any of the mentioned incredible cruises will appeal to all your senses, you’ll experience a whole new world. Not to mention that there are so many perfect Insta-worthy shots awaiting! So, grab your family or friends and head for some of these breathtaking trips.

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