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Top 7 Cities in the USA for Digital Nomads

While in-office work has always been considered as something prestigious, much has changed in recent years. Today many enjoy the life of digital nomads who have a chance to maintain workflow while regularly changing the location.

3 Things to Consider When Choosing a Location

What is the best place for digital nomads? Probably it’s a noisy city like New York, where a person lives in an apartment near an affordable bike rental in NYC. For others, it’s something 360 degrees different: a lonely house in the countryside where no one can bother a digital nomad.

Despite personal preferences, it’s vital to consider three things that shape a nomad lifestyle significantly:

With all these taken into account, we can conclude that there is no fit-it-all place that will be convenient and comfortable for the whole digital nomad community.

To make your life a bit easier, we have examined many American locations and determined the top-7 cities in the USA for digital nomads.

1. Miami (Florida)

Miami is hardly the cheapest place to live in. The food costs and transportation are slightly higher than the average figures around the country. As for the rental, according to the data by, the average price for an apartment at the beginning of the year was $1,702 per month. However, there are many cheaper options.

All this is compensated by the Caribbean breeze, vibrant nightlife, and plenty of sun. The city offers an amazing atmosphere for tech-savvy nomads who like to go out and enjoy their time in the city.

2. Austin (Texas)

Austin is a fantastic tech-hub for start-ups who has a lot to offer. The city amazes its inhabitants with one-of-a-kind culture, artistic scenes, and beautiful nature. There are many parks and hiking trails here to explore during a weekend. Moreover, the city offers rather lucrative rent costs. Despite a slight increase compared to the previous year, it’s only $1,439 per month.

3. Chicago (Illinois)

Living in Chicago, at least for some time, is definitely worth it. Apart from a rich cultural background, about $3,400 per month will be enough to have a good lifestyle here.

The city is friendly to remote workers as it boasts many co-workings. Some of them are located in trendy neighborhoods like Logan Square or Wicker Park.

4. New York City (New York)

New York is hardly the cheapest option, especially if you seek popular locations like Downtown Manhattan. The average rental price for a studio there is $2,850. However, there are many options that are most cost-efficient – for example, Washington Heights, Hamilton Heights, or Sunnyside.

If you can afford high living standards, NYC is a must place to live. You will find many coworking spaces, beautiful cafes, and have a chance to meet many interesting people.

5. Kansas City (Missouri)

A famous American city welcomes nomads with a tantalizing average rent: it varies from $530 to around $760 depending on the neighborhood. Moreover, the Internet there is very fast. If you get inspired by the unique atmosphere of the historical city, Kansas City is an ideal choice for you.

6. Seattle (Washington)

Although Seattle hosts world-famous tech leaders like Microsoft and Amazon, the city isn’t very expensive. About $4,000 per month would be enough for you to enjoy yourself there.

Seattle is ideal for eco-conscious inhabitants, who like to go out a lot. The city offers a lot of activities.

7. Salt Lake City (Utah)

Salt Lake City boasts an innovative local business culture. Besides numerous co-working spaces, its citizens can relax in parks or do sports like rock climbing. Therefore, it’s a place for a full life, which isn’t limited to work only. As for the costs, it’s around the US average.

Of course, you may find many more cities around the USA for digital nomads. The choice is all yours. Please, share with us, what are the main digital nomad benefits for you?

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