Top 6 Power Tools Every DIY-er Should Have

By carrying out do-it-yourself (DIY) projects yourself, you can save hundreds or thousands of dollars paying a professional contractor for their services. This aspect and many people seeing DIY home repairs, maintenance, and improvements as an excellent pass-time activity have made DIY widespread today. But before you can start your DIY projects, you need to have the right set of power tools.

Having specific power tools is essential because they’re the ones that can capably do some DIY projects. In addition, they help you finish your duties a lot quicker and with less effort. Without further ado, here’s a list of the top power tools you should have as a DIY enthusiast.

Cordless Drill

One of the most crucial power tools you need when doing a home renovation project is a cordless drill. This battery-powered and multipurpose tool provides you with portability and versatility. With the cordless drill, you can do different DIY projects such as building a whole deck, hanging a picture, changing doorknobs, and installing shelves. These tasks don’t take a lot of effort because this power tool can effortlessly drill pilot holes and fasten screws on different materials, such as plastic, metal, brick, and concrete.

The versatility and practicality of the cordless drill make it the most used power tool by professional contractors and DIY enthusiasts. Therefore, it needs to be one of your first purchases when assembling power tools for DIY tasks.

Circular Saw

Manually cutting things is not only tedious but also compromises precision. Fortunately, the circular saw is a handy and highly powered power tool that helps cut items without breaking a sweat. The subsequent cuts for floorboards, shelving, and decks are smooth and rigid. This power tool is also very versatile because it can be used instead of a table saw and miter saw. Because of this, it’s a must-have tool you need to have to ensure you have a smooth time when doing your home renovation projects.


The jigsaw is the perfect power tool to buy when looking to carry out DIY tasks that are home-décor related, or imaginative and somewhat fun. You can use this tool on different materials such as wood, metal, or plastic to carve detail or cut a thin, precise curved line. This makes the jigsaw especially useful when carrying out decoration projects as no other power tool can quite create angled patterns, shapes, and curved profiles.

This power tool comes with interchangeable blades and knowing which one to use usually depends on the material being cut. The jigsaw is also ideal for materials with a thickness ranging between 3/4” to 1-1/2”.

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Nail Gun With Air Compressor

The final look after banging a nail into place by hand is usually somewhat messy. This tool saves you the energy and time you would have otherwise spent using a hammer and nails to complete a DIY project. At the same time, the final finish is a lot cleaner compared to using your hands. The nail gun comes in handy when doing a broad range of projects from trim work, flooring, and framing. In addition, this tool is available in different gauges, and all of them can connect to the same air hose and compressor.

Electric Sander

Sanding helps give surfaces a magnificent and more refined look. However, doing this manually is tiresome, and it’s often hard to achieve a superb level of smoothness. Fortunately, the electric sander makes things easier as it helps you strip, sand, and finish any surface within a short duration. There are three types of sanders available to choose from, including the orbital, palm, and belt sander.

The sander is perfect for tight and small spaces with this possible because it can achieve excellent levels of perfection. Other than smoothening wooden surfaces, you can also use the sander to remove paint.

Impact Driver

Another helpful power tool you need for certain DIY tasks such as constructing a shed, installing ceilings, roof, deck timbers, and any other tasks involving harder woods. The impact driver’s effectiveness when handling larger DIY projects means you don’t experience wrist and muscle fatigue thanks to its compact and lightweight design.

The screws used by the impact driver are longer than those commonly manufactured. But these screws are ideal because they won’t break when being passed through the hardest material. All in all, the impact driver guarantees to offer you ease of use, efficiency, substantial power, and accuracy.


If you’ve decided to take on the task of home improvement duties, it’s necessary to have the right set of power tools. These tools are a must-have and are vital if you’re a novice or expert at carrying DIY projects. But for the average homeowner, knowing the right set of power tools is a challenge. This guide has helped ease that dilemma by detailing the best power tools you should have as a DIY-er.

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