Top 5 Stylish Features For Modern Home Interior Designs

With great weather and dry, clear skies, home makeover season is in full swing – and who doesn’t want a stylish home? But style is hugely subjective. Some people love the art deco theme from the depths of the 50s, and some love the juxtaposed browns of the 70s. However, modern home interior designs are always a popular choice for homeowners.

Contemporary designs are great for forging a home that is as slick as it is pristine. But where do you start? What features should you incorporate into your modernist home vision?

In this article, we’ll be giving you a run down of our top 5 stylish features for modern homes!

Get A Designer Radiator

This may be an uncommon feature to think about at first as, after all, who cares about radiators? Well, the lack of attention these essential home features receive is exactly why you should give them some TLC.

The fact that nobody thinks about their radiators until they break down or when they need a new one is why you should consider an upgrade. Radiators don’t always need to be purely functional; they can be aesthetic features too.

The abundance of designer radiators hitting the market recently is evidence of this. There’s bound to be a modern radiator that suits your aesthetic vision and certainly a radiator that can contribute to your modernist vision in a big way. Glass, mirrored, and uniquely coloured radiators are only some options worth considering.

Trade Radiators are an excellent retailer for all kinds of modern designer radiators. Take a look and see what you can find!

Get Some Heated Towel Rails

For rooms where a radiator is less practical space-wise, such as the kitchen or bathroom, you apply the same logic to selecting a heated towel rail. They are ideal for heating these smaller spaces but also provide a slick, contemporary option to stylise them.

They are also great for drying towels and keeping them warm for use.

You may also be surprised to learn of the abundance of modern models available, from matte black nickel colours to tall chrome racks for storing multiple towels at once.

It all depends on what you need and what’ll fit in your spaces!

Invest In A Shelf Wall

A what? A shelf wall is, well, what it sounds like! It’s a wall and a shelf. If you have an empty wall you’re unsure what to do with, don’t just hang any old art piece to fill the space; turn it into something unique, looks great, and is functionally useful.

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Shelf walls are an excellent way to make the most out of empty wall space, and the best bit is that you can design it yourself – or get a contractor to design it for you. Either work!

These shelves can be used as bookcases, ornament displays, or for general storage – the important thing is that they tie in nicely to most (if not all) modern aesthetics.

Implement Curves Into Your Furniture Choices

A trend sweeping the interior design world as of late is curved geometry and spherical shapes, especially for furniture like coffee tables and console tables.

These features are great at ushering in a futuristic feel for your home without coming off as too over the top or in your face with it.

And the best bit about introducing curved features into your home is that they can be subtle. Having curved edge dining chairs or rectangle-shaped tables with curved corners are all fantastic options to consider.

Even if you don’t want to go as far as buying new or modifying existing furniture, you could help tie your modern theme together with things like circular rugs or ball-shaped ceiling lamps.

Invest In Wall Mounts

A key component of any modern interior design is the ability to forge your home with as little clutter as possible. Clearing more floor space is a good way to open up and make it feel bigger, and Wall mounts are an easy, cost-effective way to do this for any space.

Start by wall-mounting the obvious features such as a television. But don’t be afraid to get creative and use wall mounts for other features such as gaming consoles, sound systems, and any media players you have.

You’ll be surprised just how much floor space you can free up by doing this and the impact this can have on your perceived space.

To Conclude

There are so many different features to consider for a modern home aesthetic that it can be hard to settle and decide what you want.

But we hope our suggestions are useful and, at the very least, will offer you inspiration for what you can do with your home spaces.

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