Top 5 Safari Adventures Not to Miss in Uganda

Uganda is one of the best safari destinations in East Africa. Located just astride the Equator, a journey to Uganda is not only rewarding but an unforgettable fulfilled adventure. There are lots of adventures that await you in Uganda. Whereas majority of tourists to Uganda come mainly to see mountain gorillas, this landlocked country features a lot more for you to explore. More interestingly, if you love adventure experiences and you are planning to visit this country this coming season, there is a wide range for you to enjoy whether you are interested in primate adventures or adrenaline adventures. The major thrilling adventures for you not to miss to explore in Uganda include;

Mountain gorilla tracking

When you think of safaris in Uganda, one of the activities that you should not miss is gorilla trekking in the tropical rain forests of South Western Uganda. This is the most popular adventure that brings most tourists to the country and can be perfectly combined with the usual traditional safaris. Given that it is the most sought-after adventure by most tourists in East Africa, this should not miss on your bucket list of activities to do in the country. Where else on earth can you find these dramatic primate species if it is not only in Uganda or Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)! In Uganda, this lifetime experience is conducted in only Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Mgahinga National Park. Gorilla permits for this lovely adventure go at $600 per person and sell out for the peak months of June – October as well as December – February. With your permit at hand, you have higher chances to strike your eyes with these amazing wild creatures in either Bwindi or Mgahinga National Park. A trek to see the rare mountain gorillas can be tiresome and challenging but the one hour of face to face encounter with them is undoubtedly a magical experience.

White water rafting along the mighty source of River Nile

For adrenaline adventure experiences, the mighty River Nile in Jinja is undoubtedly that one place you need not to miss to visit. Besides being one of the longest and mighty rivers in the world, this remarkable water body offers the most thrilling and life changing adventures and white water rafting is that one amazing experience you shouldn’t miss in life. This water body isn’t only popular for its winding behavior in most parts of Africa but also features pulses and rages with strong force. It takes you through class V rapids and this is worth for the few strong hearted.

Besides white water rafting, there are also other amazing and thrilling adventures that are offered at the Source of the Nile in Jinja and they include Kayaking, Bungee jumping that allows you to kiss the waters of the mighty River Nile while on a rope, boat rides a mention but a few. If you are looking to a family safari, opt for different adventures that include family rafts, horseback riding, quad biking etc.

Chimpanzee tracking

Besides the mountain gorillas, Uganda is also exceptional primate safari destination. The country hosts about 14 primate species. These include chimpanzee tracking, golden monkey tracking etc. Would you like to see the intelligence of wild chimpanzees, our closest cousins? Why not go chimpanzee tracking in several locations in Uganda. Over 5000 chimpanzees are widely distributed in different national parks in Uganda. This makes it not only a gorilla highland but a true primate capital. You can track these unique creatures in Kibale Forest National Park where over 1500 chimpanzees thrive and permits can be obtained at $150 per visit. Elsewhere you can see chimpanzees in the Budongo Forest of Murchison Falls National Park, Kalinzu Forest National Reserve and this is ideal for visitors on safari in Queen Elizabeth National Park and cost of permits for tracking chimpanzees at this reserve costs $30, Kyambura Gorge, Semuliki Valley National Park and others.

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If you are looking for something a little challenging then mountain climbing or hiking should be a must in your travel plan. Uganda comprises of several mountains that offer breathtaking adventure experiences and they include among others Mount Rwenzori in western Uganda and the hikes that take you to its highest peak-Margherita and along the trails, rewards hikers with amazing views of bird species and surrounding areas. To hike through this mountain may require you about 8 days or more to complete and you have to be physically fit. Other incredible mountains for you to hike through while in Uganda include Mount Mgahinga at Mgahinga National Park, Mount Elgon in eastern Uganda, Muhabura and Sabinyo Volcano.

Boat trips

Boat cruises are another thrilling experience that you shouldn’t miss in Uganda. You can engage in this lovely activity in areas such as the Ssese Island on Lake Victoria where over 84 spectacular islands are widely distributed. There are also several national parks where there are interesting boat cruises. Some of the best national parks where boat cruises are conducted include;

  • Queen Elizabeth National Park especially along the Kazinga channel. This is one of the most rewarding experiences with a lot of sightings of animals that come for a drink during the scotching sun.

  • Murchison Falls National Park in northwestern Uganda. The launch trip takes visitors to the base of the Murchison waterfalls, one of the most scenic falls on the Nile. The base of the falls is scenic and picturesque.
  • Lake Mburo National Park also features a thrilling boat cruise along the lake. There are lots of animals and birds. The nearby wetlands are known to host the Shoebill Stork, one of Uganda’s star attraction.

Usually while on a boat cruise, visitors get opportunity to catch a glimpse at several wild animals. These include crocodiles, hippos, solitary buffaloes and many aquatic avifaunal species.

In conclusion, Uganda is a true adventure capital and for memorable African safaris, consider this country a must to visit and you won’t be left in regrets.

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