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The Top 5 Kitchen Requests from EKCO Kitchen Clients

The kitchen, it would appear, has come full circle. Those familiar with US programmes of the 60’s hanker back to simpler, more nostalgic times when maw and paw would gather their brood around the table, share stories and smile while eating butter-coated, corn on the cob -not a pretty sight it has to be said! By contrast Scottish families did congregate around the kitchen table but there seemed to be more of a ‘if you’re no’ fast you’re last’ approach to dining rather than the wholesome, caring and sharing attitude we witnessed on the small screen. But, whatever your family’s dining etiquette medical and psychological experts tend to agree that it’s a really good thing to eat together as a family as often as possible. With this in mind the kitchen has once again become the hub of the home and is a place of relaxation and leisure and not just somewhere to pull together a hasty meal. With this in mind here are the top 5 requests from our clients on what they like to see in today’s kitchen. See if you agree or let us know what your choice would be.

1)      Multi-function additional oven – There are times when firing up the main oven isn’t required and a multi-function second oven complete with microwave seems to fit the bill perfectly 

2)      Handle-less kitchen units – Sleek lines and user-friendly ergonomic design comes high up on our list. Handle-less units blend into their surroundings and many customers say they give a softer feel to their kitchen 

3)      Hot water dispensers – We wouldn’t recommend drinking water from a standard hot water tap but this dispenser is perfect for instant access to boiling water for preparing teas and coffees. Ideal when you’re short of time but still need that caffeine fix

4)      Feature lighting – The right kind of lighting is crucial when preparing food especially if you’re using ultra sharp knives to slice your red onions. You may however, want to tone it down for something softer when it comes to gathering the clan around the table: or you may want to highlight objects in recessed areas. The kitchen has once again become a central congregating and relaxing area in the home and the lighting needs to be able to adapt accordingly

5)      Light doors – Pale coloured doors in white, crystal and magnolia with a contrasting wood grain have become extremely popular as people look to lighten up their kitchens while still giving it a textured and rich feel

Strangely enough, TV’s didn’t feature high in our survey – even for watching re-runs of The Waltons.

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