Top 5 Countries you can Visit with an Affordable Budget

You ever wish to travel to wonderful destinations. However, every time you think of travelling to certain your budget seems to be put you off.  You should not worry though, here are countries you can visit with an affordable budget with opodo affordable deals.. These countries offer great historical monuments and culture that is worth exploring.


Stats reveal that Spain is the sunniest country in Europe. So visitors can enjoy the unlimited coastal sun for about 300 days in a year, especially in winter and autumn months. Not forgetting its beautiful beaches that offer a great sunbathing e experience.

Its enviable cities too-Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Seville-are must-visit places for their cultural majesty. However, Spain offers that stunning view of its medieval architecture-from palace to monasteries and cathedral to taverns.


This country of conquerors qualifies to be a gigantic destination which can be accessed inexpensively. With its most welcoming people, Portugal offers a handful of culture for visitors. A few miles from, Lisbon, you get to view the impressive, elegant castles, palaces, and fortresses right in the magnificent setting of Sintra-Cascais Natural Park.

For party enthusiasts, you will get thrilled by the numerous music festivals and art events that Portugal offers. Its elegant cities- Lisbon, Porto and Amadora- have the best hotels to put up in. Despite its visit being cheap the weather is super fine to visit.

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Look: if you really love historical monuments, museum, architecture, wonderful food and great gelato, Rome sis your best bet. Rome is such a wonderful city that when you visit, the ancient monuments and ruins will capture your attention. Other cities like Venice and Florence can too be great destinations for your next trip. You will definitely love the people, the great view of mountains and lakes plus the amazing food.


Denmark is increasingly becoming a great destination for travellers. It offers great castles such as the Hamlets Castle, the Kronborg Castle and architectural buildings plus a lot of cultures. You can have an epic bike tour to Copenhagen too. Nice beaches and great restaurants will make your stay in Denmark worth preserving the memories and can also book them via Opodo travel agency. Copenhagen and Scandinavia cities will offer you great hotels for your night and powerful social places to interact with the natives.


Malta, the island state that has a lot of hidden gems is one damn beautiful country. From the beautiful hub of Valletta, you can view ancient marketplaces and stunning homes. You can also head to Mdina to have a view of the old capital. So Malta is a great beach destination and a cultural hub. Make it your next destination to explore its amazing beauty.

Finally, you may add any of these beautiful countries to your bucket list. They are all places you can visit on a budget. Do not let your small pocket limit you from exploring the world’s stunning destinations.  These countries- Spain, Portugal, Italy, Denmark and Malta- offers great historical monuments, cities, culture and a lot more for your fun. You can get affordable hotels to put up in.

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