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Top 4 Rock-Crawling Competitions for Jeep Lovers

If you love going off-road, you’ll love participating in a local rock-climbing competition. This interactive sport is making waves all over the country, as truck enthusiasts gather to watch the best crawlers compete for prizes and glory. With the right Jeep suspension lift kit, you can conquer all kinds of challenging terrain, including mountains, ridges, and ravines, without breaking a sweat. With some practice and experience, you’ll be competing with the best of the best in no time. Start getting your jeep ready for an off-road adventure and register for one of these awesome rock-crawling competitions today.

W.E. Rock

This national rock-crawling competition is one of the largest in the country, with two ongoing series, one on the West Coast and one on the East. Competitions run from early March to mid-August, with the Grand Nationals taking place in September in Farmington, New Mexico. Every competition features a series of eight courses, each to be completed in ten minutes or less. Courses are divided into Class A, for the professional crawlers, and Class C, for the sportsman. Each driver comes with one spotter who helps them keep an eye out for hazardous points. The competition uses a negative scoring system, so the team with the lowest score is crowned the winner.

W.E. Rock is known for drawing sizeable crowds. Most events feature lots of enthusiastic fans, plenty of delicious food trucks, portable bathrooms, and the W.E. Rock General Store, where you can find all the souvenirs you could ever want. Whether you’re an old pro or just learning the ins and outs of rock crawling, W.E. Rock is an event not to be missed.

SuperCrawl World Rock Climbing Competition

Head over to Reno, Nevada for the annual SuperCrawl Rock Climbing Competition, known as the largest rock-crawling event in all of North America. The event takes place just ten minutes outside the city in Wild West Motorsports Park. It features a rocky racetrack full of challenging twists and turns. Anyone who wants to watch the competition can stand on one of the ridges overlooking the track for a bird’s-eye view of all the action. Nevada is known for its off-road trucking culture, so you can expect to see thousands of rock-crawling fans in attendance.

The event features two different competitions, one for sportsmen and one for the pros. The former features around 40 sportsman teams, while the latter usually features 35 pro crawlers. A wide range of off-road vehicles are welcome, but this isn’t your grandmother’s rock-climbing competition. With dozens of steep gorges and sharp peaks, you’ll need a durable Jeep that can handle all these twists and turns with ease.

If your Jeep is still at factory height, you’ll need to compare some Jeep lift kits before you can sign up. The competition runs from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Passes go for just $15 a day, and there’s plenty of onsite parking available. If you feel like staying the whole weekend, you can always pitch a tent and rent a campsite.

Southern Rock Racing Series

Go fast or go home. That’s the motto of the Southern Rock Racing Series. With competitions across the middle and southern parts of the country, including Texas, Tennessee, Missouri, and Kentucky, this multifaceted competition is not for the faint of heart. Unlike traditional rock-climbing competitions, the Southern Rock Racing Series caters to crawlers who like to speed their way over all those twists and turns. Crawlers tend to lay their foot on the gas as they race up and down the sides of various cliffs and mountains.

With increased speeds, the organization doesn’t cut any corners when it comes to safety. The courses are lined with guardrails and barriers to make sure vehicles don’t accidentally speed off into the crowd. Drivers are required to wear a helmet and a neck brace at all times, as well as eye protection, fire suits, and wrist restraints.

Due to the extreme nature of the competition, teams generally consist of two drivers, so you can switch off between races. You’re bound to feel a little bit jittery after completing one of these races, so you might need some time to cool down. If you race at least 2 Cup Series races, you can register for the National Cup Series finals.

You’ll need an extremely well-built piece of machinery with maximum suspension to compete in the competition. When your vehicle is speeding over rocks and ridges, the resulting bounce tends to be much more intense than what most crawlers are used to. You should have plenty of crawling and racing experience under your belt if you’re thinking about competing.

Nor Cal Rock Racing

If you live on the West Coast, you’re in luck. The Nor Cal Rock Racing series is one of the most challenging in the country. Nor Cal Rock Racing lasts from April to June, and the Nor Cal SxS series lasts until August. If you like crawling over rocks in the winter, check out their Nor Cal SxS Winter series from October to November.

This race has a distinct flavor, featuring short races with steep drop-offs and tight turns. You won’t get bored at the Nor Cal series, regardless of how many times you’ve raced. The course changes with each round as staffers adjust the barriers and insert new obstacles along the track. Spectators can see almost all the action from the viewing area, so your friends and family will enjoy a trip to the track.

Like some of the biggest races in the country, Nor Cal features a great family-friendly atmosphere. There are plenty of food trucks, souvenir shops, and racing vendors to help you get your vehicle in shape for the race.

Once your Jeep is fitted with the right lift kit, you can join in on all the fun. You can find all kinds of Jeep Wrangler lift kits online to get your vehicle ready for one of these competitions. These events feature some of the finest rock crawlers in the world, with all the fanfare you’d expect from a world-class sporting event. Set the date, make your mark, and get your Jeep ready for rock-crawling season today!

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