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Top 12 Creative DIY Projects

Feeling bored on weekends? Have nothing to do during your summer break? Cheer up, because it’s time to test your creativity with some cool DIY projects!

Making things with your own hands is a great motivator and a cool way to spend time. Many of DIY projects don’t need special tools, only those you already have at home. All these projects are easy and extremely fun to make.

And if you always wanted to add something new to your room décor, or it’s your friend’s or relative’s birthday coming up, you can show them all your love by making some cool presents yourself. Here are 12 super cool and creative DIY projects to try out!

Tornado in a jar

Super easy DIY project to show a magic of science to your kid or to entertain your guests at a party. All you need is a bottle or a round jar filled with water, dish soap, vinegar and a bit of food coloring. Use any color that you like, or you can mix colors and add a little bit of glitter to make it look like a space tornado!

Add a generous amount of dish soap to the water and add a couple drops of food coloring. To make water in the jar less bubbly, add a teaspoon of vinegar. Then close your jar tightly, start swirling it around and prepare yourself for real magic!

Image credit: Pinterest

A jar necklace with a nebula inside.

With a galaxy theme being really popular nowadays, this DIY project will make everybody jealous. All you need is:

Tear up cotton balls into small pieces and put them aside for a while. Add a little bit of water from the syringe to the jar. Then add some glitter and food coloring using a small stick and cover it with pieces of cotton balls to fill a half of the jar.

Add a few drops of a contrasting food coloring and add some more cotton. The final step is to add some more water. Glue the cork with an eyelet to close the jar and that’s it! Now you have not only a perfect piece of accessories, but also a cool present for your loved ones!

Image credit:

Colorful rain clouds

This is another entertaining trick for any occasion. Ingredients you need are:

Pour some water into small containers and mix it with different food coloring paints. Fill 2/3 of your bigger jars with water and put generous amounts of shaving cream on top. Take your syringes and fill them with food colorings. Start dropping food colorings on top of shaving cream.

Drops of food colorings get through the shaving cream and come down like drops of rain in the water. This looks amazing and magical, and is really worthy to try out!

Image credit: One Little Project

Sea Shell Picture Frame

This one is a super cool and easy-to-make present for your friends and loved ones. Just take a simple wooden frame, some sea shells, glue, acrylic paints and glitter. That’s it! Engage in a creative process of making something that will definitely amaze everybody!

You can also check out the best types of wood glue to make sure everything holds together nicely.

Image credit: Etsy

Nail polish marked keys

Isn’t that annoying when you have so many keys that you constantly get confused with which one to use?

“I’ve always complained about my wife having too many nail polishes,” says Joe Martin, a marketer at Bestessaytips. “I was really surprised how much they would help me not to get lost each time I take my keys out of the pocket!”

So try painting your keys with different nail polishes to identify which one you need right now!

Image credit: A Bubbly Life

A pot with a face

It may not necessarily be a face you can paint on a pot, bot any other picture you like. Just take a Sharpie and start creating a masterpiece on a white pot, bowl or even a teacup! Just don’t forget to place your pots in the oven for couple minutes so that your picture won’t wash away.

Image credit:

Marble mugs

Your mugs look too boring and you’ve always wanted to brighten them up? Take different colors nail polish, pour some drops into some water, mix it and dip your mug into this mixture. Then let it dry and enjoy the marble pattern you’ve created with your own hands!

Image credit: Encore&More

Colored vases

Have a special occasion coming up and need to spice up the place? These cool vases are a perfect DIY project for a wedding, birthday party or any other occasion.

Just take as many recycled glass bottles as you need, mix different colors of acrylic paint and pour your mixture in a jar with the help of a syringe. Make sure that the inside of your vases is fully covered, let it dry and voila! You have a perfect element of décor!

Image credit: The Luxury Spot

Lace napkin lamp

If you have unnecessary old lace napkins lying around, don’t throw them away. Bring them back to life by turning them into a lamp! Just inflate a balloon and use some glue to stick your lace napkins on it. Let it dry and then pop the balloon inside.

You can either put a light bulb inside or use it as a décor element. Either way, this looks nice and sophisticated.

Image credit:

Sakura art masterpiece

Never been much of an artist? No worries! This easy DIY project will definitely make everybody wonder, who painted this incredible picture.

Draw a tree trunk with branches, then take a recycled soda bottle and tip the wide end of it into the bowl with some paint. Then put the bottle on the spots where you’d like your sakura flowers to be and let it dry. That’s it! It’s a perfect decoration for your house.

Image credit:

Incredible planter for garden lovers

You always loved growing plants but pots take too much place? Try this planter made from a shoe holder that you adjust to your door! This is a cool way not only to grow herbs, but also to decorate you balcony walls, for example.

Image credit:

Rope bowl

Want to liven up your place but don’t intend to spend lots of money on decorations? Then this easy DIY project is for you. Just take a rope, a bowl to copy the shape and some glue. Glue the ends of the rope and then glue each layer of your future rope bowl.

This DIY comes in handy when you need to put fruits and vegetables somewhere. It is also nice to keep your accessories and basically any staff you have lying around. This is a perfect gift, too!

Image credit: YouTube

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