Top 10 Best Beaches In The World

To make a beach a great beach, travelers are important. There are other things too that make a great beach,but you will come to know about a beach and its popularity only if recommended by people all around the world.

Eventually, it will become popular, among people, as many people are going to visit the place. Some people prefer broad stretches of sand with several activities and masses of people to watch. There are people on the other hand who want deserted shorelines with calm water.

In this article we will mention 10 top beaches in the world, that would give you options to choose from.


There are 333 islands, amazing resorts, sparkling waters, and pristine sand everywhere. Fiji, therefore, is the perfect place for beach goers who are looking for a paradise.

Travelers who are into diving should check out Taveuni’s diverse coral reefs. The Fiji bitter beer and the sunset are beautiful and will keep you away from reality as long as you are there.

Once you reach Fiji don’t miss out on two things, the dizzying kava drink and defying fire while walking on it, without getting burnt.

Bora Bora

The French Polynesian island can be small, but the more you spend time there, the more it becomes mighty. Bora Bora is filled with greenery, jungles, mesmerizing beaches, and bungalows over water.

Matira beach is considered to be ideal for sunbathing and strolling the pristine sandy shores. If you want to cherish the view of Mount Otemanu and feel the calm water, Bora Bora is where you should head to.

Scuba diving and shark feeding are also available here.


The Maldives is not like any other beach destination you have experienced. It has 1,200 islands where the next beach is more beautiful than the previous one. The Maldives is such a place that the resorts are as beautiful as the outside scenario.

Therefore it’s obvious for you to stay at the resort. Pearlescents sands, palm trees, blue waters, and unusual sunsets are all in the Maldives. Most beaches in the Maldives allow covered-up beachwear, but if you want to absorb the entire ambiance all in your skin, then settle in bikini-friendly beaches like Rasdhoo and Maafushi.


You should only go to Tahiti if you want to have gourmet French cuisine. As Tahiti is a beaten path and not a romantic getaway, people don’t distinguish between that. There are masses who love the rugged look of Tahiti.

The food is amazing there, as the French crepes are served with Tahitian raw fish. Tahiti iti the smaller half of the whole Tahiti are accessed less, but there are trekkers who chose this path for tasting seclusion.


If you want a taste of Hawaii’s beautiful beaches eliminating the crowds of Oahu, then do visit Maui. This island has both big and small beaches and adult, family-friendly beaches as well.

Wait, it even has black sand shores at Waianapanapa State Park. The south of the Maui beach is more about families, as Wailea beach is its home. It is known for its calm water, crowded resorts, and regarded restaurants.

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Meanwhile, the north part of Maui has been taken by the travelers who are into windsurfing which is available at Ho’okipa Beach Park and Kanaha Beach Park.

Whitsunday Islands

This island is located in Australia, the island gives a different feel in the world. The archipelago is adjoining to the Great Barrier Reef and has a very unique, fragile, ecosystem. Go to the bungalows to spend time if you’re not sunbathing or diving.

St. Lucia

Maybe they are smaller than most of the beaches in the world, but it is no less beautiful. Lucia doesn’t have a long stretch of sands to walk on but private beaches can be found in lush mountains. Marigot Bay is for watching boats and yachts, in their free time. Whereas Reduit Beach attracts families.


Doesn’t matter how many times or the reason for visiting Cancun, Mexico is, you are surely going to find a lot of beaches there.

Instead of spending bulk on vacation lounging, it is way better to venture off-site beaches in the area. Playa Delfines gives opportunities to see dolphins.

Railay Beach

This island is located in Thailand. There are four beaches on the island and the home sand feels like a pillow when you touch your feet. It has clear-crystal water, cliffs that are climbable but not that easy.

In Phra Nang beach you will see caves. Another reason for the visit to Railay Beach is that the shoreline is very much close to local shops, restaurants, and bars.


It is located in Hawaii. There are travelers who drive to this island for heart-skipping excursions. Visit Polihale State Park for private shorelines that don’t look at the jaw-dropping Nepali coast cliffs.

Remember swimming is hard in this water as it is rough, therefore be careful and look for the sign given by lifeguards.


Thi article tells about 10 places that you can choose from when you think of a beach.  Information is given to let you know why it is popular.

Safety measures are also mentioned. Beach is a place where everybody, despite their age, wants to go.

It’s a place to relax.

Leave a comment below down in the comment section, and share with us your experience.

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