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Tips to Plan Travel Post-Covid

Covid put a stop to our travel plans and there is nothing we want more than to step out in the sun. Traveling for leisure is on the back burner for now but it does not mean that you cannot start planning for your next trips. Planning a trip post covid can feel overwhelming but you need to take one step at a time. Savvy planners can get some good deals and also have something to look forward to without taking a lot of risks. You need to start early and keep the current situation in mind.

Some parts of the world have managed to fight COVID-19 more successfully than others. There are people who have started to look at their summer holiday plans and are booking their flights. While many of us are still trying to figure out what going on a holiday may look like in a world where the virus is still present. Many governments allow or encourage domestic trips and visitor arrivals from neighboring countries.

Planning a trip post-covid requires a lot of flexibility and preparedness. Where you will go, how you will get there, what you will do when you arrive and what you need to check before leaving. Here is everything you need to keep in mind as you plan your next holiday.

Where will you go and how you will get there?

Irrespective of the country, city, region, or suburb you want to visit, you must be flexible about the destination. If that turns out to be a COVID hotspot, it means that you need to make a decision about either canceling the trip or swapping to another destination nearby. This could happen at the last minute. There could be times when the authorities will make the decision for you and you will have to follow it. So be prepared to be flexible and do research about the area. If possible, have a backup plan in place.

To avoid flight cancellations or last-minute changes, you can plan a road trip in your personal vehicle or a rental. Remember to bring a sanitizer, disinfectant wipes and a bottle of water, and some soap with you. If you are flying to the destination, you will want to be clear about the refund or rebooking policies from the airlines. Understand what it contains and if the rebooking is at a charge or for free. If the prices shoot up since you booked, would you have to pay the difference? You also need to be flexible on where you are staying. A rental house or a luxury vacation estate will give you much more flexibility than a hotel. Before you book a property, you must check the hygiene practices followed by the property owners so that you are aware of what you should carry with you.

What to do once you arrive

You must have flexibility when you get there. The situation is out of your control and if you make it to the destination, you have made it halfway. If you have planned the holiday focusing on theme parks or beaches, then you cannot keep control of it. There are chances that these places are closed. You must always have a plan B and a plan C in place. You might want to spend extra on a place that has more outside space and has minimal chances of being closed. You must also consider what you would do if you have to quarantine when you reach the destination. Carry books or your favorite games to kill time. This decision will be different for everyone but you must choose the destination keeping all the possible situations in mind.

What to do before you leave

At this stage, it is important to be very clear about what your travel medical insurance covers. A lot of insurance plans have changed their coverage for COVID-related issues. If there are health concerns, you must speak to the doctor in the planning stage. You must figure out how and where you will source masks and where you will wash them while traveling. Remember to pack the right things and always carry snacks with you. Research about the travel guidelines on the destination you are visiting.

Nothing is guaranteed and the outlook may feel grim on some days but right now, the best you can do is prepare yourself to get back to normal as soon as you can. When you have a backup plan in place, you will be in a better position to handle the situation, if it arises. Continue to rework the plan as things develop and even if it seems normal and safe now, you never know when things change. After all, any travel plan is much better than no travel plans.

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