Tips for Making your Home Look a Little More 2016

We all want the perfect home, however, it doesn’t require major changes to get it. If you want to change a dated look and opt for a more modern approach, we are here to help. Providing you with some of the best design trends of the year, you can look at these options to find the perfect style. Some may seem extravagant, but you might like them! As well as that, there are a few tips and finance deals that could come in handy to create the perfect modern home for you.

Here are the details.

Kitchen trends

Our kitchens are all-too often merely functional spaces, but there’s been a real trend recently to give our cooking areas a touch of industrial elegance. Whether it’s using copper, brass or bronze in your kitchen ornaments, or even replacing that wooden work surface with gleaming metal, it seems that 2016 is all about all things metallic. So join in the trend and give your kitchen the look you crave.

It’s a look that applies particularly well to kitchen lighting too, with the huge trend for pendant lighting being a cost-effective solution to jumping on-board the metallic kitchen bandwagon!

Bedroom aesthetics

The bedroom is an area where we can really go to town in adding a further level of comfort with the suitably Scandinavian themes of wood and neutral tones providing a perfect atmosphere for relaxing and unwinding.

If you’re looking to update your sleeping quarters for 2016, then be sure to share this style update from Bedstar which gives tips on how to get that Scandinavian look along with giving information on how to find the best beds on finance deal which is something that will never go out of fashion!

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Living room looks

Muted colours and soft wooden tones are another failsafe option in the living room with the chic reclaimed wood look being incredibly popular in recent years. But if you’re looking to give your living room an extra stylish paint job, then be aware that Pantone’s colours of 2016 – rose quartz and serenity blue – are due to be replaced fairly soon!

But even if you’re not in the mood for repainting your living room, then you can give it a trendy update by getting some fabric wall art that can implement exotic textures like damask and kilim into your sleek new interior space. They will change the outlook of the room and give you a stylish new living room.

Bathroom style

And whilst it might not be quite as cheap as getting a new bed on finance, it seems that bathrooms in 2016 must include lots of marble to be truly on trend. With the classic and luxurious look effortlessly transforming even the drabbest bathroom into an approximation of stylish hotel chic, it’s yet another way that you can seriously revamp your home in 2016!

By Mehulsey (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons

So, there you have it. Make the adaptations that you want to get the new look that you desire. It doesn’t have to be major, it doesn’t have to be expensive, but ensure your home fits in with the 2016 styles.

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