A Few Tips for How to Keep your Leather Jacket

The leather jacket is a piece of clothing that is in the closet of each person. The leather jacket is also one of the favorite pieces of clothing because they fit on every wardrobe and every style. For make your jacket to look like new, you should keep it in the right way. Although you can take it to chemical cleaning,there is an easy way to clean it yourself. That way you can save time and money.

Cleaning procedure

Wipe the surface of the jacket with a damp cloth. Then gently wipe it with a towel on which you poured a small amount of liquid detergent for colorful clothes. Remove the soapy water with a damp, and then with a dry towel. Dry it thoroughly with a dry cloth.

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How to keep the skin?

The skin is prone to cracking, so once a week you need to treated them with leather product. If you do not have that product, you can use moisturizing cream or baby milk for body.

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