Tips on How to Make Your Home Super Cozy, You’d Never Want to Leave

The difference between your home and anywhere else doesn’t just lie in how much your house is worth, or how expensive your furniture is, but also in the level of comfort it provides. Your office, for example, can be unique, and your expensive taste might show through, but it is not a cozy place, nor is it meant to be.

Your home is your safe haven, your bubble against the big bad world, and it should be the place you look forward to getting back to after a long, tiring day. To enjoy it and make every minute you spend in it comfortably, there are simple ways to bring in the cozy factor. During the hotter months, you want a home that is airy and breezy with a minimalist look. But once that cool weather sets in, it means it’s time for you to start making some changes or adding a few things to your home that are meant to keep you and your home warm, both literally and figuratively!

It’s not a difficult thing to do if you follow some—or all—of these tips on keeping your house super-duper cozy, so much so that you’ll have to be dragged out to enjoy the outdoors at least every once in a while. Fall is just around the corner, so let’s get straight to it.

Change of fabrics:

Lacy and sheer curtains are great for that summer breeze, but during the fall and winter, you might want to swap them for heavier fabrics with thermal lining. Heavier fabrics with rich earth colors will automatically give a room a lovely, cozy feeling. Not only will your room have a look of warmth to it, but the lining in heavier curtains will actually keep the room warmer by blocking cold drafts that can escape into your home through the windows.

This is the time to also consider changing some brightly colored, light material in cushions or pillows to richer and heavier fabrics, like velvet, for example. Big furry pillows could be a great choice for your couch and as part of your bedroom decor. The same theme in changing fabrics also applies to the bedding. A quilt, bedspread is a great choice, and darker flannel sheets instead of bright ones or sateen sheets are the perfect bedding to wrap yourself up in.


Nothing spells warmth or comfort more than warm feet in winter! You can’t get that if you keep your floors, totally bare when the temperatures drop, especially if your flooring is tile, marble, or concrete. Even wooden flooring could use a nice, furry little rug here and there. Small rugs have the best effect when they’re strategically placed, like beside your bed or under the coffee table. But actually, there is not a single area in the house that wouldn’t benefit from a beautiful rug or carpet.

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Furniture is not something you’re going to want to replace every time a new season comes around, but there are ways to incorporate some cozy ideas. By far, the most common thing people think of is using a throw pillow over a couch or chair. Because they come in so many different sizes, colors and designs, there’s no way you won’t be able to find a few throws that will work for you. By using throws, you’d be adding new texture to the furniture, and adding new texture is a basic tip in cozying up a room.

Other types of furniture, such as massage chairs, don’t require anything at all—they’re designed to provide the utmost coziness! When you’re trying to feel more comfortable in your own home, you can easily choose the one that is suitable for your room and your budget. They come with cutting-edge technology to massage your entire body, provide heating for sore muscles, and many other special features—even the concept itself is relaxing to think about.


Another way to add coziness to your home is to display some homemade items on your tables or other surfaces. Actually, DIY items are making a very strong comeback in even the most modern houses. So, if you can unearth some of that talent you stashed away, it’s time to bring it to light and let it shine. If your talent doesn’t lie in handmade items, you could always purchase a few inexpensive objects, such as small woven baskets for tables, large handmade boxes, or textile wall hangings. And if you have children, their own artwork can be the staple of a cozy home.


The type of lighting used in houses plays a big role in how warm the atmosphere can feel. Yet, because we need light for everyday tasks rather than just giving a warm glow to our rooms, your lighting needs to be layered to offer different levels of brightness. Some lamps are designed for activities like writing—that’s called task lighting—and as you can guess, they will be bright. So, they should be placed in certain areas where you’re more likely to read, write, sew, etc. They differ from general lamps, which add light to the entire room; and from display lights, where a lamp showcases a piece of artwork, for example. This is why people often use dimmers to control just how much brightness they want; dim lights usually exude a cozy and subdued feeling. For bedrooms, on the other hand, soft table lamps can replace any harsh or fluorescent lights that result in an institutional look.

Your home represents you and your lifestyle. It’s the small comforts in life that can make your home enjoyable for you, and inviting for your guests. As a final touch, you can use scented candles or essential oil diffusers to keep your home smelling fresh all day. There are several ways to create a cozy vibe in your home, and rich home textile, comfortable furniture, tasteful decoration and soft lighting can all go a long way. These basic tips should spark some ideas on how to make your home cozy and inviting all year long, and for the rest, the sky’s the limit.

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