Tips for Styling a Small Living Space With High-End Decor

You can turn that small living room into a comforting savvy space without giving it much of a thought. All you need are several ideas to refresh that room and give it luxury apartments for rent. High-end incorporating décor details will make it more versatile and give your room a bit larger than life appearance. If you are running out of space, it doesn’t mean that you should put luxury and design aside. Allow an interior design to maximize that space for you. If you are afraid to incur the costs of hiring an interior designer, worry not. Here are few tips for styling a small living room by making it wow-worthy.

Light It Up

Highlight your tiny living room by investing in an ambient lighting scheme. The living room is the epicenter of the house, within which numerous activities take place from reading books, relaxing, bingeing on a television box, and accommodating friends. You have to make it pop up, and one of the solutions to making your living area distinct is to consider a lighting plan. Consider having layered lighting that covers all four corners of the room. By this, all the architectural features will be visible, and a pleasant atmosphere is created. You can include a blend of wall scones, chandeliers, arco floor lamps, among many others. When we talk of lighting, you should also consider painting your wall all white. It will allow easy penetration of sun rays and thus chic up your living room.

Photo by Moore House Design

Replace Your Coffee Table

A coffee table will either break or make your living room. Since it is at the center of the room, it draws much attention. It may serve its useful purpose of holding your vases, magazines, remote control; but, it doesn’t have to be big. Forego that oversized coffee table and settle on the smaller ones or even a stool. It will create utility and define your living room.

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Float Your Furniture

If your living room is tiny, consider choosing a great layout that would make it outstanding. Float your furniture to help create corridors where your foot traffic should flow. You can create a boundary between the living space and the kitchen by floating your furniture. If all your sitting is pushed on the wall, it makes it tough to host conversations, especially when you’ve invited friends. Pick a focal point in a room and distinctively arrange furniture around. It will save space immensely.

Photo by Davey McEathron Architecture

Go Dark

Probably you have taken heed of my advice, and you have invested in a good lighting scheme. Take that bold step by choosing a dark color palette for your living room. Any interior designer would tell you to go for it. It easily makes a small space feel larger. While you are on it, make a point of choosing a larger rug with a bold pattern trick. It helps to anchor up your space and make your living room cozy.

Photo by M3LD

If your living room or a friend or family member is all piled up, you can declutter some items and replace them with modern furniture to give it a detailed look. In case you’re new in the city or probably need to change your neighborhood. You can opt for Luxury Apartments for rent, and you enjoy the serenity.

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