Tips for Protecting Your Home’s Interior During Storms

There are so many reasons why we call our homes safe heavens. It provides us comfort by shielding us from weather extremes. However, if you live in storm-prone areas, you need to make an extra effort to make your home safe. Tropical storms such as hurricanes do come with high pressure and forces that can damage your roof in minutes. However, if you are thinking about protecting your home’s interior against such disasters, you need to put a major focus on the weak points. The following are other useful tips that will help you protect your home during storms.

Review Your Insurance Policy

The first thing you should do to protect your home’s interior is to make sure that your property is insured. Insurance for your valuables gives you a guarantee of compensation if brutal storms happen to cause any damages. In order to remain safe, you need to maintain your house to a reasonable standard so that you can negotiate with your insurer. If your home’s interior is affected by a storm, make sure to document the damage for the insurance company.

Consider Steel Doors

If you live in storm-prone areas and have French doors or sliding patio doors in place, the chances are that your home will suffer damages when heavy storms hit. Therefore, if you install heavy gauge steel doors, they will provide adequate structural support between your walls hence preventing the storms from breaking in. At the same time, you will have to use strong bolts to fasten the door firmly into position.

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Inspect Your Roof

The other way of making your house withstand the harsh storm is making your roof waterproof. You can do this by applying sealant around your roof’s chimney and vent pipes. Also, you need to ensure your gutters and downpours aren’t clogged whatsoever. If your gutters are clogged, water will spill over the sides and land in your house basement. Here, it will soak through your home’s foundation, causing damages to the floor. Therefore, finding basement waterproofing solutions helps protect the interior of your home in a big way. Protecting your basement from the water will help minimize costly mold damages.

Prune Your Trees

Having loose tree branches during severe storms can be dangerous. Amidst the strong storms, weak tree branches can cause damages to the roof, tiles, shingles, and other valuables. Also, if branches fell on neighbors’ compound and cause damages, you will be held liable. Therefore, you need to take your time to cut down dead trees and branches before a storm.

Strong storms can always cause severe damages to your home’s interior. One way of preventing your interiors valuables is protecting the storm from getting inside. You can only achieve this when your home’s weak points are strengthened. This includes sealing your roof, strengthening your windows and doors.

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