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Tips for Maximizing Your Espresso Machine

Espresso is one of the most versatile coffee products available, as it can be mixed in many ways to create a variety of drinks. With the ever-rising popularity of espresso, more people are making it in their own homes, and now there are espresso makers available for coffee lovers.

If you have a manual style machine, making espresso takes some extra steps and practice. However, if you are looking for an easy and fast morning drink, using a super automatic one is a great option!

In this article, we’ll go over some steps on how to use your espresso machine that will guarantee you get a perfect drink every time. Let’s start!

Clean Your Appliance and All Its Parts

Espresso machines are typically used daily, and can quickly build up residue and become clogged in various areas. Cleaning each part of your machine before and after each drink you make can ensure that the drinks are high quality and your machine lasts longer. Sometimes buildup from previous drinks can cause your espresso machine to break down faster and corrode more quickly than if it were regularly maintained.

Rinse and Dry Your Coffee Beans

Coffee beans that are oily can become stuck in your machine, and not make it to the grinder, making your espresso watery or weak without enough coffee grounds inside. One way to avoid this fate is by double-checking that your beans are as dry as possible. If you notice that they are oily or have any sort of substance that might make them likely to get stuck, we would recommend giving your beans a quick rinse with water then using a cloth to wipe away any dirt or substances that might cause them to create clogs.

Use Some Steam to Clean the Spout

The spout used to steam and froth milk needs to be wiped off after each use. Similarly, the inside of the spout needs to have any residue dislodged to prevent clogs. You can clear any excess milk or residue by allowing steam to flow through the spout after use. Be cautious though, because steam is very hot and moves quickly through the spout. Be sure to stand back while you do this.

Warm Your Milk Before Putting Into the Machine

If you’re making a latte or cappuccino, placing cold milk into the machine makes it more difficult for your machine to properly steam and froth the milk. Using more steam and cold milk means your drink will probably not be as hot as you like, or are used to in cafés. A solution is to place the amount of milk you need in the microwave for about 30 seconds until is warmed up and ready for easy steaming, so you get a piping hot drink each time.

Mix Your Flavoring into the Milk While Warming

If you are someone who prefers flavor in your coffee drinks, like chocolate or caramel, it can be difficult to mix in flavors to your drink after it is made and layered together. Luckily, with this hack you don’t have to sacrifice your beautiful layer of foam by mixing in flavor after the fact.

If you add your chocolate pieces or flavored syrup to the milk before you warm it, and mix it thoroughly before placing the espresso machine, you can have a deliciously flavored drink without having to mix and sacrifice your foam layer! Just make sure to properly clean your machine afterward to get rid of chocolate or syrup residue.


Using an espresso machine will be different between brands and styles, but for any machine you have, following these easy coffee hacks will make sure your espresso drinks are optimal each time and your machine lasts as long as possible.

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