Tips for Making Your Home Feel More Open and Bright

When looking for the right home for your family, the mental picture of how everything you own will fit into the space is what sells the house. However, the reality is that once you’ve closed on the sale and moved in, the home doesn’t quite seem like you pictured it. It looks darker and without any warmth. Here are tips for making your home feel more open and bright.

Use Mirrors

Use mirrors strategically opposite windows to reflect the light coming into all parts of the house. For homes with narrow hallways, position a mirror at the end to make the space look more spacious. Massive spacious walls can have assorted mirrors.

Photo by greige/Fluegge Interior Design, Inc.

Rearrange Furniture

If your home is spacious, arrange your furniture more centrally for the room to look more open and brighter. Smaller homes can benefit from rearranging the furniture on walls adjacent to the windows to allow light streaming in to shine unobstructed.

Photo by High Low Interiors

Rearrange Shelves

Built-in shelves are perfect for decorative objects that are unique for display. However, limit it to a few objects creating empty spaces on the shelves. Too many objects make the space look cluttered and lack enough storage, closing in the walls further.

Photo by Tamara Magel Studio

Use Lighter Furniture Fabric

Heavy fabric such as velvet and wool lasts longer and makes a room feel classier but can over-decorate a smaller room. Instead, go for linen or lace, opening a room more as they hardly draw any attention to themselves.

Photo by Rajni Alex Design

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Swap Out Doors

Solid doors inside a home that connects the room can be swapped for French doors. Darker rooms can get some light streaming in through the glass, making the home feel more spacious and bright.

Photo by Viscusi Elson Interior Design – Gina Viscusi Elson

Reposition Walls

Some home architectural structures block natural lights from traveling inside the home unobstructed. Wall repositioning helps move the weight-bearing walls in a position allowing openness. Contract a professional for this process.

Photo by Ben Herzog

Lighten Floors

Dark flooring makes a room feel smaller and cold. Although flooring can be expensive when working on a budget, choose rugs and carpeting lighter in color until it’s possible to change the flooring to lighter shades.

Photo by Andrea Swan – Swan Architecture

Use Lights

At times, the option of getting natural sunlight streaming in is limited. Opt for overhead lights and desktop lamps as secondary lighting. They work perfectly in night times and darker days as great light sources.

Photo by A & M General Contracting

Be keen on the theme of the home when making changes to make the spaces open and bright. Working one room at a time is advisable for a complete look without feeling weighed down.

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