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Tips for Ducted Air Conditioning Installation

Commercial spaces and well-planned homes are all opting for ducted air conditioning installation these days to give a clean look to their interiors. In this type of air conditioning system, the internal fan coil unit and the duct work, both are hidden above a false ceiling. It is generally visible from inside the room. There are discreet grilles used in this type of installation, which blend easily with the interiors while helping the air conditioning to function smoothly giving a constant air flow to keep the room cool. A ducted air conditioning installation cannot be implemented just by anybody. It requires professional handling at all levels. There are a number of factors that must be considered as well to ensure proper and safe installation.

Here are some tips for ducted air conditioning installation:

Interior care

Take care that all your furniture and articles are covered properly with sheets during the installation process to prevent the damage caused due to the dust released during the installation process.

Photo by Interiors by Steven G

Select location

Select the appropriate location for installation. See that your neighbors are not disturbed with the position of the condenser. Also select the location of the controllers carefully. You can take the advice of your electrician on the location.

Photo by Leslie Meyers


A professional handling a ducted air conditioning installation will first perform a detailed inspection of the place of installation. The inspection would help to decide in where to place the internal unit to give maximum cooling to the space and adapt to the interiors as well as decision on where to install the outdoor unit.

Photo by Bronwyn Poole by Touch Interiors


Drilling in a ceiling hole for the return air grille would follow the inspection process. This is from where the duct would be passed and the internal unit would be placed.

Photo by Pause Designs

Fitting the internal unit

The internal unit would be next installed into the ceiling cavity. It is usually dissembled to fit into the ceiling cavity.

Photo by Ownit Homes

Installing Duct

One of the most important steps during ducted air conditioning installation is the installation of the air duct. Once the design is in place, a duct board is used to get the duct cut in the desired shape. It is then attached to the air handler. Boxes are used to support the duct, which are usually attached with a tape. Once the main duct is in place, a flex duct is used to the supply vent of all rooms through which the duct would run to supply air. The duct end is then attached to a metal diffuser, which is inserted into the ceiling hole where the internal unit is placed. These days there is a variety of duct available according to your requirement.

Photo by Mazifa

Checking and test run

Once the ducts are in place, and both the internal and external units have been installed and all other necessary steps taken for ducted air conditioning installation, it’s time to test your air conditioner. Run on the air conditioner and check if the cool air is flowing smoothly across all the rooms where vents have been added for outflow of air. Once you are satisfied with the cooling process, your system is ready to use.

Photo by Scrafano Architects

A ducted air conditioning installation usually takes a day to complete, including all testing. With ducted air conditioners you can control the required temperature easily. Temperatures required at a pub or lounge or a bedroom or a commercial place would differ from each another, that is why it is recommended to go in for ducted air conditioning installation at these places to meet the requirement of various temperature levels. In a nut shell, ducted air conditioning is the ultimate climate control solution for all the places.

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