Tips on Choosing the Right Fencing For Your Garden

Choosing the right fence doesn’t have to be a daunting experience. It may seem that way though if it’s something that you’ve never tackled before, and it can be intimidating because you probably don’t even know where to start!

Here are some pointers to help you choose right.

Why are you installing a fence? Not everyone has the same reasons, but usually the reasons fall under one these three:

  1. Privacy- Lots of people don’t like prying eyes. So you might want a fence that provides full coverage. But there are also lots of people who want to see what’s going on around them, so they opt for partial coverage or shielding.
  2. Security- Everyone wants to feel safe, especially if you have young children who spend lots of time outside playing. You might also have pets that you need to confine.
  3. Appearance- A fence is a major part of the landscaping of your garden, and a nice one will totally change a bland look to a more appealing look. A good fence will also add value to your house. The most common fences come in wood, metal, or vinyl.

Need vs Want

What you need and what you want are two different things. You might want the vinyl fence, which is a nice choice, but not necessarily the best if privacy is your first concern because the panels in some vinyl fences might be too far apart. When choosing, put your needs over your desire. If you want a fence to secure children playing outdoors, or to contain a pet, then you need to make sure its height, for example, is high enough that your child can’t jump over it… nor the dog! You will find several Site Fencing Services online and after you read this, you will be able to make a more informed choice.

Consider the maintenance

If you don’t have time or the mind to overlook the maintenance of your fence, then probably a wooden fence won’t do as it requires the most maintenance out of the three materials mentioned. Metal and vinyl fences have nearly no maintenance and are easier to care for. By the same token, wooden fences, though higher in maintenance, are easier to replace if panels become damaged, since they’re separate. If you have to replace a metal or vinyl section, you might not find the same type you originally bought. Sometimes, if you can’t find the same as the original, you might have to replace the entire fence, even though it’s just a part that needs replacement.

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Homeowners Association

In some areas or neighborhoods, you might not have a free choice of the type of fence you want because if your home is under the HOA, they might have a say. So you need to check if your home is under the association and check the regulations before installing any type of fence.

Check your budget: Fences come in all styles, heights, and various materials. Putting all these factors together, you need to know if it will suit your budget. Wood and/or metal fences are usually more affordable than the vinyl kind.

Fences are a practical and attractive addition to your yard. They’re going to last a long time, so make your choice based on the right information.

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