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Three Tips For An Awesome Party

There are so many awesome things about having house parties. You probably get so many cool invites every week inviting you via Facebook, everyone wants you you to come their parties!

Some of these parties might sound awesome but you can tell the ones that sound horrible and dull, and the ones that are going to turn into a fight before 1 AM, and before you know it the police are there shutting it down. I bet you can do better than that! When you get a house party it should be the ultimate fun chill-out time; it’s not like going to a club or like going to a bar: you have full control of everything so why not make the most of it? You can curate the music, the people who you want to come along (except if you’re Corey Worthington) the time it runs to (except if the police rock up – you animal you!), and even the food and drinks (if you’re willing to pay).

Even if your friend’s house parties have been pretty good in the past, we are going to give you a fail-proof list of the top three things that you need to do to make sure that your house party is going to be remembered until people are old and grey.

Number One

Invite your neighbours! Keep ‘em happy! It doesn’t matter if you live across the road from beautiful babes who you’d definitely invite anyway, or if your house is across the road from the old people’s home – you need to ask them to come to your party! You don’t just want to let them know that things could get pretty crazy — that’s not very much to keep them happy. No, what you need to do is to let them know that they’re welcome, so that come 1 AM when your drunk mate Derek is passed out on their lawn they can’t complain, because they could’ve been there too.

Number Two

Make sure you choose an awesome spot to hold your party – whether it’s in the yard or on the roof, you need to be thinking about whether or not you got a great space that’s conducive to fun times! A great backyard or deck (don’t have a deck? composite decking is cost-effective and if you’ve got some handy mates you can whip up a party promenade in no time!) and hold the party in the most rocking of spots. You need to make sure there’s plenty of space for doing the worm on the d-floor, with good access to toilets, the bar and eskies, and make sure that any music you have covers the whole area. A chill out zone is also a good idea in case anyone goes too hard too soon. You don’t want anyone vomiting in your pot plants now, do you?

Number Three

Be selective in your guest list, as it plays a huge part in whether your party is awesome or a complete flop. It totally depends on who you choose to come along! I mean, you’re there, but you need other awesome people too! When you’re inviting your friends you need to know who’s going to be having a good time during the party times, and also who’s going to help you clean up in the morning! You need a complete set of key people who are going to generate the buzz to make sure the vibes are rocking. If you’ve got mates who are DJs then buy them a slab and set ‘em up, because god knows there’s nothing worse than an iPod party. There’s always that one girl who demands to play Jessica Mauboy at 2am just when it’s getting started. Man, she really kills the buzz every damn time…

Good luck, and party on!

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