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Things to Consider In Buying the Right Dryer Sheets

The smell of clean laundry always refreshes people. Everyone who washes their own clothes is on the lookout for the best detergents, dryer sheets and fabric softeners for their laundry. They all have different brands, and each brand provides its own set of scents, ingredients, and functions. You can choose the best products by trying them yourself, reading online customer reviews, and taking word of mouth into consideration.

If you have not used dryer sheets before, keep reading as we will talk about how to pick the right dryer sheets for your laundry. Whether you decide to go for dryer sheets with natural fragrances or not, you can always find one with the right ingredients and functions for you. If you have been using dryer sheets without knowing why—maybe just a habit you picked up from your parents’ home—or you are using them just because they make your laundry smell fresher and feel softer, there will be some tips for you as well.

What Is It?

Let’s first discuss what a dryer sheet is and how it is different from fabric softeners. The dryer sheet is made of polyester. It is usually covered with fabric softener and fragrance add-ons that can make up about 10 percent of the product. You use it by tossing it in the clothes dryer with your laundry; it works by creating a thin, soft layer of scent on your laundry, in addition to preventing static electricity buildup and collection of lint. On the other hand, fabric softener is a conditioner in liquid form that is added to your washing machine’s drawer, in the specified compartment. It is released on your clothes during the rinse cycle, and it works by pervading the laundry’s fabric.

How to Choose One

When standing in front of the dryer sheet aisle in the supermarket, you will probably wonder what makes such a simple product differ from one another. It’s true that they’ll all do the same thing but there are minor details that make huge differences. So, let’s take a look at some things to consider when purchasing a dryer sheet.

Box size:

If you are trying this product for the first time or testing it to switch brands, always buy the smallest pack you can find. Although you may not find a dryer sheet pack with less than 40 sheets, you still don’t want to spend money on things you will not use. Later, when you pick the best brand for you—considering the following points—always buy in bulk, as you can save some money this way like with any other household product.


As we mentioned before, brands have their own set of scents. You will probably find something you like from fresh morning breeze to grassy scents. How you would like your clothes and bedsheets to smell depends on your personal taste. Moreover, there are some brands on the market that will offer you naturally fragranced dryer sheets rather than artificial fragrances, which is perfect for people who prefer organic products.


There are two different function categories you will find; some products only make your laundry smell good with a softer feel, while others will add on top of that ingredients to decrease static electricity. It is better to choose the products that offer both functions to get the best out of your dryer sheet purchase.


Dryer sheets contain different ingredients, some are natural, and some are not. Which one to choose depends on you and your family’s preferences. However, there are some products that caters mainly to people who suffer from skin irritation issues. So, you can find some dryer sheets specially designed and clearly labeled for sensitive skin.


Dryer sheets are good for your laundry, but you need to be aware of their traces in your machine. Since they work by leaving a thin layer on your clothes, they will leave traces in the clothes dryer as well. That’s why you will often need to clean it, along with the lint filter, as they may reduce air circulation and overheating your machine. Keep in mind that dryer sheets are used once, and then you need to remove them from your machine immediately. Otherwise, they might get stuck in filters or vents and cause bigger problems.

Dryer sheets are a staple of the laundry room, but you wouldn’t want to deal with a giant, clingy, cotton mess after every wash. So, before trying them, keep these tips in mind, and consider your family’s specific needs. Also, don’t forget to try a brand or two before you start purchasing them in bulk.

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