Things to Remember When Doing Exit Cleaning

When you’re moving out of your rented house or apartment, you have a million other things on your mind, and end of lease cleaning is not tops on your list.  Who can blame you?  Unfortunately, you have to put forth the effort if you want to have a satisfied landlord who will return your deposit before you leave.  Don’t forget that deposit money is usually a full month’s rent, so you don’t want to lose that!  But the mere thought of all that is involved in cleaning up can cause you to break out in a sweat both from panic and dread.  The end of lease cleaning process is not something that you can just zip through.  It is a very rigorous and detailed cleaning that is required in this situation.  Here to help you are some things to remember when doing your exit cleaning:

General Cleaning

There’s a lot that can come under the term general cleaning.  This would include things like thoroughly vacuuming the carpets; sweeping and mopping the floors till they shine; wiping down the walls, etc.  Some of the things that you shouldn’t forget to do while you are occupied with this exit cleaning are:  dusting the ceiling fans and wiping them free of all fingerprints, etc.; removing all cobwebs from every nook and cranny of the place; all woodwork dusted first and then wiped down so that no fingerprints or scuff marks show.  Besides the obvious, like wiping clean all doors and doorknobs, also be sure that you do the same for all power sockets and light switches.  Also, you might not think to do it, but it wouldn’t hurt to wipe down your window tracks and clean the inside of the windows till they are nice and clear.



Of course your exit cleaning won’t be complete if you don’t tackle the kitchen.  A few pointers that you might not think of; if you have an exhaust fan, remember to degrease it and wipe it down thoroughly; plus don’t just clean the stove top till it sparkles, do the range hood as well, and the inside of the oven.  Degreasing is very important because these items will not look properly cleaned unless you do it.  Plus do the walls around the stove with extra care and make sure that any grease splatters are removed.  Trust me, your landlord will certainly take notice.

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Beyond the Basics

Now here are some things you might consider doing that are above and beyond the basics, but could make all the difference when it comes to getting your deposit back.  Examine the upholstery carefully and if it requires more cleaning than you can give it, call in professional help.  The same applies to any curtains or blinds.  Plus, if your carpet is really dirty and requires steam cleaning, give in and call in professional carpet cleaners.  If you follow all these recommendations, you will have a happy, satisfied landlord, who will gladly refund your deposit without a word of complaint.


Author: Candice Hubbard
Candice is an accomplished author who owns several cleaning services in Australia that do end of lease cleaning Brisbane, and had written extensively on household topics, including exit cleaning Brisbane, all of which qualifies her as an expert in this field.

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