Things To Know About Spray On Concrete For All Your Construction Related Works

In the construction industry, the use of spray on concrete is increasing day by day. The technology is becoming popular among the contractor’s day by day due to its various advantages and ease of use. The best part of this spray on concrete is that it is flexible and economic. As the topic itself suggests, if you spray painting and polish on concrete, then you can keep them for a long time. At the same time, they will not be susceptible to weather variations also.

Things you should know about spray on concrete

There are a few things that you should know about spray on concrete. There are two methods of such techniques. One is Dry Mix (Gunite) and the other one is We Mix (Shotcrete). In the shotcrete method, the process water mix fluid is basically transferred with the help of a hose and projected at a high speed onto a surface. However, on Gunite method, dry mix concrete is sprayed.

The properties and applications of the spray on concrete

There are a number of benefits of the spray on concrete methods. For the starters, it is a much easier method to follow than the traditional concrete pouring method. This is not a result of various fundamental differences in component materials. Spraying concrete is now a new technique of using high quality building materials to use instead of putting them as foams, or in blocks or dollops. This can be done in case of swimming pools and climbing walls.

Here are the different properties of the methods

Low water/cement ration

The spray on concrete methods normally has a lower amount of cement and water ratio than the traditional pouring method.

It has higher strength with quick strength gain

The sprayed concrete is much better than the traditional ones when it comes to high compressive strength. The dense compaction, however, is attained with the help of high velocity of application. It includes a pre-determined set of concrete and this is spread with the help of a nozzle, to include concreting on retaining walls, on hydrated cement also to get an idea about how to go along with the process of spraying and concreting.

It has a Higher density and low permeability

As there is high velocity of placement in the sprayed-on concretes, it ensures a very good compaction as well as high density which is coupled with low permeability and water absorption.

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Enhanced adhesion and bond strength

The mixture of the sprayed-on concrete is perfectly prepared and that is the reason why the bond strength found in the spraying concrete is highly superior.

The high-speed high output Benefits

One of the most important benefits that the sprayed-on concrete offers is that it offers high volume quite rapidly and quite economically. It offers the best quality material at the most effective way.

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Various types of projects where the sprayed-on concrete is used

There are different kinds of projects where one can use the sprayed-on concrete is used. They are –

  • Trenching Stabilization
  • Restoration of Historical Buildings
  • Excavation Stabilization & Tunneling Underground Construction
  • Concrete Repairs
  • Slope Stabilization
  • Tunnel & Underground Chamber Lining
  • Sealing Works

There are a lot of benefits of using the sprayed-on concrete rather than the traditional method of concretes. They are cost-effective, offers better results and provides consistency.

The wet process of sprayed concrete offers less dust generation, high quality sprayed concrete, better spraying output, and lower rebound level. The dry process of sprayed concrete offers early strength, more holding time and no concrete generation is wasted. So, you need to hire a highly experienced contractor to get your spraying and concreting work done.

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