Things That One Should Know About Renting Storage

The need for an extra space is very common with the growing needs of daily life. Extra space is always required to keep things that cannot be accommodated in the space available in the house. This means you either need a garage or a basement or a closet to have some extra space and   all the valuable items can be kept in these units. Lack of adequate storage space can emerge as a problem when you have to move to a new place and on the other hand you need to store the belongings that are valuable. So to get rid of such problems you can opt for a storage unit. Storage units are space which is basically used by people and can be rented. But you have to be extra careful before renting it and can also do a quick research on- from whom to rent.

What are the storage options?

Storage options are of two types. They are:

  • Full- service storage – The Company that gives full service to their customers is known as valet style of storage or full-service storage. They will pick up your belongings and keep it in the storage unit. There are few companies who will allow their customers to request for the delivery and schedule the pick up or the return. First of all, this will save  your time and the hassle to move things on your own. Before moving out your things, they will click photos of the belongings. This will help you to find out your things even if you have forgotten them.
  • Self- storage – This is ,in fact, the most popular option among the customers. This is a facility that is absolutely safe and secure. You can also say that it is the most cost-efficient way to store the important belongings of the house. In this case, the customers have to deliver the belongings on own. They can take out their belongings as per their own convenience. They also can do the documentation of their own belongings.

Where to find the storage units?

There are many centers through which you can find the storage units. You just have to type the zip code of  your city or state of residence. You will then have the ‘find storage’ button on your screen and you will find the list of the closest storage units near your residence. After going through the list, all you need to do is opt for either the full- service or the self-storage option.

Which is the best option?

The self-storage unit is an affordable option and also a wise one to opt for. Here you can pick up your own things when you wish to. If you do not have a huge pile of things to store, then self-storage units are always recommendable.

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If on the other hand you are living in urban area, and parking is an issue, then you tend to opt for full service storage. This will be more convenient for the customers living in high rise buildings and the work of moving things can only be done by the professionals. They make the storage very convenient and hassle free for the customers. If you area city resident, then this option is highly recommendable.

What should one look for in storage unit?

The customer should assess the storage units as per their amenities and other facilities. You must make sure  to take the following factors into consideration:

  • If it has a climate control system.
  • If there is a certain degree of accessibility. This means they usually work for 24 hours. So you must find if they are working on Saturdays and other holidays. You also have to find if the facility hours do match with your availability.
  • The number of locks available.
  • If the storage is video monitored and have the surveillance facility.
  • What is the lighting facility?

Since the storage units are of different sizes, you must be sure about which one to rent. The decision should be based upon the belongings that you have as you have to pay for the space that you require. The things like the beds, lawn mowers and other bulky items should be disassembled. If you are better prepared for storing things, then the items will be protected well in the units.

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