Things every Pool Owner must know about Maintenance

Pools are a great addition to every backyard, but many homeowners don’t think about the work that must be put into a pool to provide it with the proper maintenance. They are one of the few common home luxuries that require so much effort. It takes work and dedication to make sure your pool stays in good condition throughout the summer and the rest of the year. But, with a little bit of knowledge, you’ll be able to take care of your pool and ensure it always looks its best.

Check The Water Quality

The first thing you’ll need to keep in mind when maintaining your pool is to make sure that you’re testing the water quality often and adding chemicals to the water. It is very important to keep the chlorine levels consistent at all times. Adding chemicals to your swimming pool is one of the most important things you need to do. A pool without the right chemical balance can harbor bacteria and be very dangerous to swim in.

The water quality should be checked at least once a week during the summer months. The pool should also be checked during the winter months as well, but you’ll have to do it less often, 1-2 weeks is usually often enough during the winter for checking chemical levels. The pH should be between 7.4 and 7.6. An off-balance pH can lead to calcium buildup around the sides of your pool and other problems, so it’s important you’re maintaining it properly.

Clean The Filters

Most of the pool can be cleaned by turning off the filter, removing the filter cap on the pool deck, lifting out the filter basket, and removing any junk before replacing everything. You should clean out the filter basket at least once a week.

Cleaning out the pipes utilized by your filter system, which you can do by backwashing, should be done once a month. Simply set your filter to backwash and remove the leaf basket and clean it out. Then turn on your pump and let it run until the pipe ejects clear water.

Check the Water Level

Another thing you need to do regularly to keep your pool in great shape is to maintain the water level. A water level that is too low can cause problems in the pump and can cause it to run dry or even burn up. Water levels that are too high can also cause some problems. High water levels can cause the skimmer door to not work properly.

Water level changes are to be expected from time to time, especially after a heavy storm or after a lot of pool usage. It is advisable that the water level remains at the halfway point of your pool skimmer.

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Update The Pool

If your pool is outdated and you haven’t been taking popper care of it and now it is causing you more issues than fun, it might be time to renovate it. A simple renovation will extend the life of your pool, it will act as a barrier and protect the shell from the chemicals in the water. Swimming pool renovation takes skill and a knowledge base, especially if your pool is older.

While many contractors are skilled at building brand new pools, not every contractor knows how to fix-up an old pool. So it is important that you hire a contractor such as Exterior that has plenty of experience when it comes to renovating old pools.

Scrub the Sides

If you don’t scrub the sides of your pool, you will lose the crystal clear water after a very short period thanks to a little life form better known as algae. This slimy, green substance is common in pools and can build up on the sides if you are not proactive about care.

Fill an old sock or a thin glove with chlorine and place it in the pool, wait approximately an hour and then scrub the sides. The chlorine will make your job much easier.

Use a Tennis Ball

While this particular pool maintenance trick may seem a bit weird, using a tennis ball in your pool can be a great way to help keep your pool clean. You’ll simply want to drop a tennis ball into your pool and let it sit there for a while. The tennis ball will absorb any oils that find their way into the water of your swimming pool.

Oils such as sunscreen lotions, hair products, and natural body oils can often find their way into a pool. This trick will allow the tennis ball to absorb these oils and make your pool much cleaner in the process.

By using the pool maintenance tips above you’ll ensure that your swimming pool always remains in the best shape and doesn’t have any huge problems throughout the swimming season. It is very important that you keep your pool clean. As long as you follow the strategies above your pool will remain in great condition and continue to provide you and your family enjoyment.

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