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Things to Consider while Choosing TV Lift Mechanism

TVs come in so many different shapes and sizes that it is impossible to simply have one for everyone. Add in that everyone has different wants and needs, and it becomes even harder to find something that will suit everyone. This is what drives people to buy a TV lift in many cases – they can fit the design to suit themselves and their needs.

There is a lot to be taken into consideration when thinking about TV lifts, because there are a huge number of lifts in existence, and not all of them are made equally. Anybody buying a TV lift needs to take into consideration where it will be put, how much it will be used, and how many people will want to use it, among other factors. This article will give tips on how to approach buying a TV lift.

Tip #1 – Flexibility in Design

More and more people are living in one-person households, but families still make up the bulk of the population, and they are likely to have multiple TVs. Even (or perhaps especially) if they only have one TV, the TV lift they buy needs to suit everybody’s needs and abilities. The lift should therefore be flexible enough to allow for the heights everybody needs, and also flexible enough that it can be put in a variety of places in the home, depending on the space availability.

Tip #2 – Weight

Most TVs don’t weigh all that much these days, but not everybody has a new TV. Many people rely on hand-me-downs, or on the televisions which can be found in charity shops, not all of which are modern. Before buying a TV lift, you should take into account the fact that not all TVs weigh the same. Not all TV lifts are made to bear the same weight.

Additionally, you should take the use of the lift into consideration when buying – if the lift will be used a lot (lots of people with lots of different needs using the same TV, for example), then you might want to buy one which can bear more weight, even with a modern TV. To take more weight, as well as the materials being sturdier, the linear actuator which provides the movement will be of a higher power, thus enabling homeowners to get more work out of it before it wears out.

Tip #3 – Quality

Any TV lift you buy should be of the highest quality materials you can afford, to ensure that you will get your money’s worth out of it. Linear actuators in general are quite dependable, since they are specifically designed to have fewer moving parts, and therefore break less easily. Quality design means that a TV will be able to take a lot of strain and use before it needs to be replaced, something which is very useful within a home. If a TV lift is designed to either slot into the wall, or hide under the floor when not in use, it is particularly important to use good quality materials. Using good quality materials means less chance of them breaking, since both the wall and the floor are awkward spaces to work in.

Tip #4 – Space

The primary reason for the use of a TV lift is to create more space in the home, so it is a good idea to look for one which is quite small and compact. This is where lifts which can be incorporated directly into another piece of furniture come in handy, as it means that the space can serve double duty, as somewhere to use as a table (for example) during the day, and for holding the TV at night. One which takes up a minimum of space can also be used inside walls and floors, which further eliminates the need for day to day space taken up by a TV.

Tip #5 – Operation Quality

One feature of home automation has always been the need to fit in with the home environment. This has meant that the linear actuators used in moving parts have had to sacrifice something in terms of power and overall performance, but they have fulfilled their duty in making the home more relaxing and luxurious for those who live there. Ideally your TV lift should fit in with these expectations, being quiet, operating smoothly, and generally being as dependable as possible.


This is only a start of the tips and advice which can come with buying a TV lift for the home. TVs come in all shapes and sizes, and so do TV lifts; it is important that you spend time finding the right design for you and your home. There are so many TV lifts out there that it should be very easy to find the right one for you, particularly if you bear in mind that it can and should conform to your home, rather than being the other way around.

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