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The World’s Most Beautiful Interior Designs, According to Instagram

How do you define good design? Praise from the critics? A long list of happy customers?

They’re both clear signs that designers are doing something right. But there is another way – the number of likes on Instagram. In fact, in today’s social media age, likes are one of the quickest and easiest ways to judge contemporary tastes.

That’s why researchers from Angi pulled data from 250,000+ interior-themed hashtags and posts to see which cities have the most beautiful interior designs. 

Here’s what they found out.

Cities with the most beautiful interiors

Paris is famous for being one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The French capital is known for stunning architecture, museums and art galleries, and stylish locals who epitomize metropolitan chic.

So it’s no surprise that Paris is the city with the most desirable interiors. Insta-posts of Parisian interiors get an average of 10,730 likes. That’s twice the number of almost every other city in the world. To create a great post you can use an instagram post maker and increase the chances of getting likes.

With 7,911 average likes, Cologne comes next. The other cities that made the top 10 list include Berlin, Bremen, Vienna, and Salt Lake City.

The 10 countries with the most ‘liked’ interiors

Europe dominates the interior design world when adding up the most liked interior-themed Instagram posts.

France came out on top, followed by Ukraine, Germany, and Poland. 5th place belongs to the only non-European country on the list – Jordan. Interior Instagram posts from the Middle Eastern nation are liked 2,534 times on average.

Switzerland, Russia, Norway, Austria, and Slovakia occupy the remaining places.

US cities with the most beautiful interiors

California has three cities in the USA’s top 10 list. They are Beverly Hills (3,472 average likes), Los Angeles (2,714), and Santa Monica (2,553.) All three cities are home to the rich and famous, who have the money, time, and hired help to create Insta-worthy interiors.

But none of these style-hubs got anywhere near the number one US city – Indianapolis.

The state capital of Indiana clocks up on average 3,836 likes per post. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. ‘Indy’ takes design and aesthetics very seriously. It’s where you’ll find the Indianapolis Museum of Art, the ninth oldest museum in the world. Its impressive collection includes artworks by Gauguin, Picasso, Matisse, and Edward Hopper.

Great Britain’s best-loved interiors

Bohemian Bristol has the UK’s most beautiful interior designs, according to the number of Instagram likes. Posts showing off stylish designs located in the UK’s trendiest city receive an impressive 2,340 likes.

Second place belongs to Britain’s second city – Birmingham (1,080 likes.) Bath, an impressive-looking Roman city and tourist hotspot, is third. Interior Instagrammers from Bath can expect 1,045 likes per post.

With just 935 likes per post, London could only make it into fourth place. It’s unclear why the UK’s capital is so low down on the list. One theory suggests that the sheer number of designers working in London makes it harder to pick up followers and likes.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But, today, it’s also in the number of times followers hit that like button!

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